Enemies of Energy – 2000


Verve – Catalog #3145430422

Compact Disc

Release Date: 01/11/2000

The Enemies of Energy is the Verve debut from the extraordinary young guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. A culmination of Kurt’s diverse expression of real and surreal events throughout his travels, each song is powerfully evocative for both the imagination and the spirit. Kurt Rosenwinkel is an uncommonly inspired artist whose music comes from the heart and speaks to the soul.

“Kurt Rosenwinkel is one of the finest and most creative jazz guitarists playing today” – John Scofield

Tracks : 01 – The Enemies of Energy | 02 – Grant | 03 – Cubism| 04 – Number Ten | 05 – The Polish Song | 06 – Point of View | 07 – Christmas Song | 08 – Dream of The Old | 09 – Synthetics| 10 – Hope and Fear

Kurt Rosenwinkel: electric and acoustic guitars, 4-string stella, voice; Mark Turner: tenor saxophone; Scott Kinsey: piano, keyboards; Ben Street: bass; Jeff Ballard: drums

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