Recording “Reflections”

This video shows some moments from the “Standards Trio: Reflections” recording session – including how one of the master takes came to be. Hope you enjoy it – please leave your comments either way!

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  1. Such a great video!
    It’s really fun to get a “behind the scenes”-look at the fantastic “reflections”! :-)

  2. mikeythunderfunk says:

    thanks for great video!
    i love seeing artists working in the studio.

  3. now that was cool..thanks for thinking of us!

  4. Samuel Andersson says:

    Awesome. Thanks!

  5. Does anyone know why I can’t see this video? I have QuickTime

  6. Too cool.

  7. I would like to see it but it seems the server is overloaded with requestes… or my network connection is simply too slow….

  8. I’ve transcribed the ‘warming up’ phrase Kurt is playing if anyone is interested.

    It’s in the lessons section at

  9. Hi … i think the chords on the warm up are : Am9 CMaj9 Em9 GMaj9 Am9 CMaj9… no?

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