New Kurt Rosenwinkel iPhone App!

We are happy to announce that the official Kurt Rosenwinkel iPhone application now is available and downloadable through your iTunes. Since there’s an iTunes store right on your iPhone/iPod Touch you can obviously download the App directly on both devices. It is available both for US as well as all international iTunes stores.

The app features various content such as information about concerts, Kurt’s twitter posts, a list to blog news, photos as well as videos. We’ve made the recent video “Recording Reflections” available through the App, for instance, and also the video (that many of you have requested) where Kurt discusses his pedal board setup (it was shot in 2008 at the Village Vanguard in connection with the release of The Remedy) + several other videos that are also available via this website for instance.

We hope you enjoy this extra resource for keeping in touch with Kurt Rosenwinkel, and look much forward to your feedback!

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  1. cool stuff – but i don’t have an iphone or touch. how bout a palm pre version? 😉

  2. I am sorry Paul but I don’t think we’ll be doing any apps for Palm anytime soon….how does this website work on your Palm Pre though? Is it visible/useable?

  3. that’s too bad. as for the site – it looks just like it would on an iphone in the mobile mode, and just like it would on a computer in full mode. the pre’s browser is awesome.

  4. This is awesome – however, I would really like to see the video you mention here where Kurt discusses his pedal board setup but I do not own an iPhone. Is there any chance of that video being posted on this website or Youtube?

  5. I didn’t see a link so here’s one…
    You can get the app there.

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