Rosenwinkel’s ‘Secret World’ amazes at Berklee!

Kurt Rosenwinkel & OJM’s live performance at Berklee Performance Center as part of the Beantown Jazz Festival is reviewed  – click the link below to read it:

Rosenwinkel’s ‘Secret World’ amazes at Berklee – Arts

Contrast that review with this one by Steve Elman @ The Arts Fuse. Everybody are entitled to their opinion, and we appreciate the fact that it’s overall a positive review, but we are mystified as to why he feels that it’s necessary to throw in some Spanish/Portuguese sounds into the arrangement just because OJM is (mainly) from Portugal? That seems like a shallow reason to do so. What if the original piece doesn’t have that intention, and so it wasn’t arranged as such?

Next time we play for Steve we’ll make sure that OJM makes an arrangement of Kurt’s tune “Portuguese” that will please him more! 😉

We also just got a live-review/review of the CD from “The Tech Online” in Boston (MIT’s oldest and largest newspaper & the first newspaper published on the web). You can read it by clicking here.

If you heard Kurt & OJM live then we’d love to hear what you thought of the performance?

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