Kurt Rosenwinkel and Airmen of Note

Kurt receives an award "on behalf of the entire United States Air Force"

Speaking as Kurt’s manager I will admit that in 8 years of managing Kurt, I didn’t see this one coming: On October 1, 2010 Kurt received an award “on behalf of the entire United States Air Force”. The occasion was Kurt’s performance with the United States Air Force Band/Airmen of Note at Lisner Auditorium in Washington DC.

The Airmen of Note are an 18 piece big band, and they had invited Kurt to perform with them on this occasion, as well as to write all-new arrangements of several of his tunes.

One of the musicians in the band told me that Kurt is perhaps the favorite musician of several of the members of the band. They certainly seemed like they knew Kurt’s repertoire quite well, having made arrangements of “Enemies of Energy”, “Number 10”, “Hope and Fear” & “The Next Step”.

They also had made arrangements of Clare Fischer’s “Pensativa” and – in another surprise – had transcribed Slide Hampton’s arrangement of Joe Henderson’s “Inner Urge” (the arrangement is featured on Joe’s Verve Big Band Cd from 1995), a tune that Kurt obviously plays quite often (he also performed it with Joe when he was touring with him).

Here’s a review of the show: Kurt Rosenwinkel and Airmen of Note Concert Review.

The show will be broadcast on various radio stations sometime in 2011, and we also hope to be able to show some video from the event.

Click on the photo to see Kurt receive the Award in larger size.

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