Review of Village Vanguard shows (Jan. 4-9)

Here’s a review of Kurt Rosenwinkel Group’s (w. Aaron Parks (pia), Ben Street (b) & Ted Poor (dr)) recent performances at the Village Vanguard from January 4-9, 2011:

old gems, new tunes | Rehearsing The Blues.

You can also read another, slightly more critical review by a different author (but on the same blog) by clicking here.

Were you there to witness any of these shows yourself? If so then tell us what you thought of the music?

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  1. Floatingbridge says:

    I saw a set. it was wonderful for so many reasons. i feel that these critiques from these official reviews are based more on perceived social dynamics based on gestures and exchanges amongst the musicians rather than AUDIBLE deficiencies.I really liked to see how Ben Street seemed to take a conductor type role during my set ( again, pure speculation – yet it seemed that Mr. Parks was looking for cues from Mr. Street , who also seemed ready to give them. Street seemed as self-effacing as the other times I’ve seen him. It was rather cute to see him ( as I’ve seen other times) attempt to avoid taking a solo … moreover get deputized into taking another couple choruses while Rosenwinkel seemed to jovially refuse Street’s handing back of the conch ( when he thought he was wrapping up his solo) and was somewhat forced into the further elaboration of ideas… which proved to be quite precious, ultimately.

    Mr. Parks was quite flexible, very supportive and soloed intelligently without flash but an obvious understanding of the vibe that was intended to come from the tune- to the degree that ( again , speculating her) Kurt seemed impressed.

    Ted Poor is badass. sure-footing or not, he plays with conviction and there were layers of stuff to check out – on the macro and the micro.

    As for Kurt, he is the master of the language and world he is creating and is clearly dealing with things as they develop in a really honest way ( speculation, yet again). Previous comparisons to Holdsworth are apt ones to make ; perhaps Rosenwinkel has more of an affinity for the inherit tone spectrum that the guitar has to offer and doesn’t seem totally off put by it.

    He seems to be in a really strong place. I hear music. no gimmick , no funny stuff.He is so deep . There is no guitar minutae bullshit clinic vibe.i was there to see art. to see someone make something from nothing; and i left changed. end of story. sure, i would’ve dug a little more fire. i saw one set.

    I don’t find these reviews that scathing… they’re just not as superlative as has been the climate of the reviews as of late.

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