Kurt Rosenwinkel Group goes to Europe!

Kurt Rosenwinkel Group is about to go to Europe again. The band features Aaron Parks on piano, Eric Revis on bass and Justin Faulkner on drums. They will begin their tour in Geneva on April 8, and will finish the tour in Lyon on May 7. Please check the tour page for a full listing of all the tour dates.

This is the first time that Kurt Rosenwinkel Group has toured Europe in a couple of years – well since 2009. In the intervening time Kurt has primarily toured his Standards Trio project, which focuses on classic jazz repertoire and songs by other composers, and also played several shows with Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos – the 18 piece big band from Porto, Portugal with whom he recorded his latest album (“Our Secret World“) – and which features big band arrangements of Kurt’s original compositions. Kurt Rosenwinkel Group, similarly, also focuses on Kurt’s original music.

For those of you who caught Kurt Rosenwinkel Group last time they toured Europe, we can reveal that Kurt has brought many new songs and compositions into the band repertoire. And of course 2 out of the 4 musicians are different this time. Last time the band featured Aaron Parks on piano, Ben Street on bass + Ted Poor on drums. This time Aaron Parks remains in the group, but now Eric Revis is on bass and Justin Faulkner on drums. Whole different group dynamic. So please go check out the band and let us know what you think of this latest iteration of – Kurt Rosenwinkel Group!

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  1. Touring Europe without a gig in/ close to Vienna? Very sad….

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