Standards Trio to Asia – Time Machine to Europe

Kurt Rosenwinkel is about to hit the road again. This time for a trip to Asia with his Standards Trio, featuring Eric Revis on bass and Justin Faulkner on drums. The dates are:

Sept. 27-29: Cotton Club – Tokyo

Oct. 1: Jarasum Jazz Festival, Korea

Oct. 2: Hong Kong Jazz Festival

Then after those dates Kurt will get only a few days of rest before going to Europe with his Time Machine project. This band features Andrew D’Angelo on altosax/bass clarinet, Eric Revis on bass and Nasheet Waits on drums. Kurt plays both guitar and piano/keyboards in this project, which has only performed together once before at the Village Vanguard in June 2010.

Here’s Kurt’s description of Time Machine as a project:

“I wanted to hire the heaviest musicians i know and make a band. I also wanted to relinquish alot of the control I exert in my other bands when im trying to do my original music that has alot of details and specifics. So we are a more collectively improvising band, and I am not concerned with dictating direction at all. The material is coming from all over the stylistic map and spans from the 1950’s to present day originals. I call it Time Machine because its a transformative adventure, and brings you to places that arent your usual life- and we can jump around to songs created in very different times….”.

You can find the concert dates for Time Machine on the “Concerts” page by clicking here.

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  1. Any chance the Time Machine band is recording soon? I’d love to hear that band.

  2. Heard you might be coming back to L.A. in February. THANKS for confirming.

  3. Sorry it’s taken this long Redbeard – we weren’t about to go back to Catalina’s after they refused to tune their own piano last time we were there! Hopefully Jazz Bakery will soon be up and running again!

  4. Never fear, Anders, it will be! I took your advice several years ago and went to work helping the Bakery after they lost their lease. Ruth has extremely exciting news about the new Bakery — when she’s ready to announce it, everyone’s jaw will drop. In the meantime, we’re doing the “Movable Feast” thing, and I’m grateful that Kurt’s coming back to be a part of it.

    BTW, can’t wait to see Todd Sickafoose tomorrow…!!!

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