Kurt Rosenwinkel on Julian Shore’s new album “Filaments”

We encorage everybody to check out the wonderful new album by pianist Julian Shore entitled “Filaments”, which features Kurt Rosenwinkel on several songs. The album features a great line-up of the following musicians:

Julian Shore – piano
Phil Donkin – bass
Tommy Crane – drums
Alexa Barchini – vocals
Shelly Tzarafi – vocals
Jeff Miles – guitar
Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar
Noah Preminger – tenor sax

Here’s an official description of the sounds you will encounter: “Julian Shore’s compositions are based around the expansion and development of the beautifully simple. Memorable, honest and effortless, the songs flow with the organic freedom found in jazz, but with the clarity of intent one might find in a lullaby. With two dextrous singers carrying the melodic duties, the music glides and skips whether the songs feature lyrics or ephemeral vocalese. Teaming up with acclaimed guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel, Shore’s new record “Filaments” depicts moments, memories and ideas in vivid imagery, while remaining unpredictable and full of humor. ”

As is stated in the official bio for the album:

“Part of what makes Filaments such a rewarding album is the way that Shore incorporates Rosenwinkel into the session. While the guitarist plays on only three tracks (1, 2 & 5), his spirit animates the proceedings. More than a stamp of approval, Rosenwinkel’s contributions spotlight the ways in which Shore spins off his own aural world from the guitarist’s capaciously rich musical universe. “Kurt is one of my biggest influences,” Shore says. “I love the way he improvises and his whole concept. I’ve always pictured him having a role in my music, and when I was putting Filaments together I figured I might as well try. He loved the music and was willing to work with me. When he had such glowing things to say about my music, my confidence level really shot up.”

Julian Shore should have no reason to not be confident. The musical results speak for themselves. We encourage you to just hear the music for yourself – you will not be disappointed! You can do so on iTunes by clicking here or on cdbaby by clicking here. Please rate the album on iTunes once you’ve given it some listens, help spread the word about a great new artist on the scene!

And if you are in New York City tonight (Sept. 20) then you can go to his album-release concert at Cornelia Street Cafe at 8:30pm.

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