Kurt back at the Vanguard

Lorraine Gordon & Kurt

This week Kurt Rosenwinkel is back at the legendary Village Vanguard starting tonight and through Sunday April 27.

Many of you will know Kurt has been leading bands at the Vanguard for almost a decade and a half; as the photo with Lorraine Gordon – the owner and spirit of the Vanguard – suggests, it is a warm and close relationship, and  it is a true honor for Kurt to keep being invited back to this venue that is at the very center of everything that jazz is and is supposed to be, most certainly the historically most important jazz club in the world today – and still one of the very best!

Kurt started out performing at the Vanguard back in the late 90ties. First as a sideman with Mark Turner, then Kurt subsequently made his own debut as a leader there presenting the quartet from “The Next Step” with Mark Turner, Ben Street & Jeff Ballard.  Then in 2003 he brought in a piano quartet with Ethan Iverson, Ben Street & Jeff Ballard, after which it evolved into a Quintet with Mark Turner, Aaron Goldberg, Joe Martin & Eric Harland – the band which recorded his first Wommusic album (“The Remedy“) in 2006. Following that he came back with his Standards Trio project a few times, also a one-off project with Andrew D’Angelo, Eric Revis & Nasheet Waits, and then, more recently, he has been performing with his New Quartet with Aaron Parks and various bassists (mostly Eric Revis) and drummers.

This time Kurt will be leading a Quartet performing original music again – a Quartet that in terms of Kurt’s history at the Vanguard is looking both forward and a bit back as well. With him this time is Aaron Goldberg again on piano. Aaron was a full-time member of Kurt’s Quartet (& Quintet) for years, including replacing Brad Mehldau on some of the live dates in Europe during the “Deep Song” summer tour in 2004, and of course a huge part of the above mentioned album The Remedy which was recorded live at the Vanguard in 2006 (released in 2008). And to celebrate their reunion at the Vanguard, Kurt has decided to bring back some of the songs from that album this week – songs like “Terra Nova”, “View From Moscow” and others.

But it won’t be purely looking back. On bass this week is Orlando Le Fleming, who has toured a lot with Kurt more recently, and on drums Kendrick Scott is back – Kendrick toured with the New Quartet back in 2009 as well, including a recording that NPR did of the band (with Aaron Parks & Ben Street) at that time which you can listen to here. And on Wednesday the 23rd Allan Mednard will replace Kendrick on drums – just that one day – and you should definitely come hear him as well. He’s someone you’ll hear a lot more of in the time to come we are sure.

It’s sure to be a very special musical week for Kurt – we hope you’ll come celebrate with him, and look forward to seeing you all there!

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