Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio Makes its Debut!

Yesterday was the opening shot for Kurt’s new “Standards Trio” project. It was fired upstate New York in a small town called Marlboro, where our friend Tony Falco is running a fabulous venue called The Falcon. Tony creates such a great atmosphere that all kinds of great musicians love to play there, even though the venue typically holds only around 30-50 people. They pay by donating whatever they can – whether it’s $1 or $50. It’s a very communal thing and, besides, Tony is a killing chef and made us some great Paella yesterday night!


Tonight the show is at Le Poisson Rouge on 158 Bleeker St. here in Manhattan. It’s a great venue – the old Village Gate turned into a very modern venue. It’s just one set of 90 minutes from 7:30-9pm.

And then tomorrow and for the next 3 days Kurt Rosenwinkel, Eric Revis & Eric Harland will record the new album. Kurt has an idea of which standards he wants to record, of course, but since we have a lot of time in the studio, relatively speaking, he will probably have a lot of songs to choose from so we don’t yet know which ones will wind up on the album.

After the recording Kurt will head back to his home in Berlin for less than 24 hours, prior to going to Italy for some trio gigs down there. Ben Street & Rodney Green is going to play those, and then he’ll get back to Berlin again on June 27 and start selecting tracks from the recording session, maybe even starting to mix some of them prior to heading out on tour again on July 9 with Eric Revis and Rodney Green all across Europe.

That tour finishes @ the Nice Jazz Festival on July 25, then Kurt will go to Rome for a clinic/workshop (Tuscia in Jazz) which includes a trio performance with Eddie Gomez & Francesco Mela. Finishing that in the early afternoon on July 29, he will go straight to Buenos Aires from there to commence a South American tour with dates in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil & Chile. On that tour it will be Eric Revis on bass & Ted Poor on drums.

We hope to keep you updated with news from the tours, maybe some video from some of the shows etc. Enjoy your summer!

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