Kurt Rosenwinkel @ Vrije Geluiden 2009

The Kurt Rosenwwinkel Band open Rehearsal/Performance at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam on Monday 20 April 2009 for the television program “Vrije Geluiden”. It features Kurt, Aaron Parks, Ben Street & Ted Poor.


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  1. seattlesandman says:

    I think its funny how the host of the show is standing directly in front of kurt (seemingly) the entire performance

  2. seattlesandman says:

    oh never mind, @ 2.15 you can see he’s moved 5 feet away

  3. Whispers of love is so fucking beautiful!!!!

  4. i second the comment above!
    & it looks like its shot in the TRL studios! (mtv)…kind of…

  5. hahahahahaha – this is the craziest scene I’ve ever seen…the guys were completely unprepared for the fact that there was a whole TV crew there, not to mention an in-studio audience, as we had been told that there would just be a TV crew filming a bit of the soundcheck…so the band had to improvise the notion of just letting people see that process. But it’s super hilarious to see the guy run up to Ben & Kurt with the mic as Kurt is just trying to give a few instructions….while the audience just kinda sits there and takes it all in!

  6. the music is just so good!

  7. I must say that, of all the videos from kurt i’ve seen, this is the second best of all (the best is the recording on the rehearsals).

    It’s wonderful to be able to feel almost like you are participating on a rehearsal with the guys…and the music is absolutely perfect.

    I hope there will be more clips like this!

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