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Mel Bay releases “East Coast Love Affair” book of transcriptions

Mel Bay releases "East Coast Love Affair" book of transcriptions

The new Mel Bay publication is a transcription of Kurt’s first (trio) recording as a leader called “East Coast Love Affair”. This book offers transcriptions of Kurt’s solos from all eight tunes from the album. Each solo is analyzed and the information presented to help the player understand what Kurt is doing in each piece. […]

Kurt Rosenwinkel Band in Europe Spring ’09

Kurt Rosenwinkel Band in Europe Spring ’09

April In Paris (+Amsterdam, Barcelona, Mallorca, Stockholm, Katowice And Berlin) Kurt Rosenwinkel Band is about to hit the road again for a short tour in Europe, comprising the above cities. The dates/cities/venues are: April 20: Bim Huis, Amsterdam, Holland April 21: New Morning, Paris, France April 23: L’Auditori, Barcelona, Spain April 24: Auditori del Conservatori […]

Kurt’s Jan. Vanguard shows on WBGO and available as a podcast too!

Kurt's Jan. Vanguard shows on WBGO and available as a podcast too!

NPR/WBGO transmitted the Wednesday Jan. 7, 2009 concerts of Kurt Rosenwinkel’s Jan. 6-11, 2009 week at the Vanguard, and furthermore we allowed you all to download the shows as a Podcast. Click here to listen/download. Update: The NPR/WBGO pages with the transmissions of Kurt’s performances were the most visited ever for ANY of their transmissions […]

January 2009

January 2009

The year 2009 started off with some performances in the US: Jan. 3: Chris Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia, PA. Jan. 6-11: Village Vanguard, NY Jan. 15-18: Jazz Showcase in Chicago The band this time was Kurt on guitar, Aaron Parks on piano, Ben Street on bass (Joe Martin played bass @ Chris Jazz Cafe though) […]

Kurt’s new album “The Remedy” is finally here!

Kurt's new album "The Remedy" is finally here!

We are very pleased to announce that Kurt Rosenwinkel’s new album entitled “The Remedy – Live At The Village Vanguard” is finally here! The album features 8 songs and over 120 minutes of music. There is 6 all-new songs by Kurt Rosenwinkel, 2 re-workings of previously released songs (one by Kurt and one by Mark […]