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Order Kurt Rosenwinkel “Star of Jupiter” now!

Order Kurt Rosenwinkel "Star of Jupiter" now!

We are excited to announce that Kurt Rosenwinkel’s November 13, 2012 Wommusic release “Star of Jupiter” (2-cd) now is available for order. You can do so by clicking here. We will attempt to make all orders deliverable on Nov. 13, provided, of course, that you pre-order ASAP. The orders will be […]

Kurt Rosenwinkel “Star of Jupiter” announced!

Kurt Rosenwinkel "Star of Jupiter" announced!

Here follows the press release for Kurt Rosenwinkel’s Nov. 13, 2012 Wommusic release “Star of Jupiter”: Kurt Rosenwinkel Star of Jupiter “What my music is about in general — and this album is no different — has to do with the relationship that we each have with the universe at large and how we use […]