2014 Kurt Solo Record

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  1. arewolfe

  2. Bluewaterpig

    Great to hear. I hope he keeps it simple.

  3. Benny

    Kurt mentions here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/kurt-rosenwinkel-dan-balmer/id492302969?i=133547247&mt=2 that he's working on an album called 'Caipi', a 'Heartcore 2' style recording.

    I'm also looking forward to the Standards Trio + guests live recording from the Jazz Standard, recorded last year: http://www.kurtrosenwinkel.com/archives/2549

  4. skiadikt

    i'm hoping the jazz standard release is at least 2 cds. and if it was a complete boxed set something like mile's plugged nickel or keith jarrett's blue note, i'd sign up for that. of course i'm still "hopeful" that a cd from scofield hollow body tour surfaces. hint, hint ...

  5. bingefeller

    I can wait until he releases his looping album. It's gonna be great!

  6. bingefeller

    Please, Kurt, if you read this please give us some more details!


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