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335 pickup adjustment

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  1. dblfatstrat

    Hi All,

    I recently bought a used 2006 335 dot reissue, and I love it! They seem to have 12's on right now.

    I didn't notice it when I was practicing at home, but I tried using my 335 in rehearsals and gigs, and I noticed that the neck pickup seems very hot and distorts at higher volumes. Also, the B string seems significantly louder than the G string.

    I was doing some research, and it seems like a pickup height adjustment could do the trick. I've never done it before, so I wanted to get some advice from people on the forum, since I love KR's and other modern semihollow players' (i.e. Mike Moreno) sounds. Is there a good tutorial on the web? How do YOU adjust your pickup height? Thanks!

  2. Basile865

    Get a small flathead screwdriver (assuming theyre flathead screws). To lower the volume of a string turn the screw to the right, lowering it. To make that string louder turn it to the left, raising the screw.

    Leave the amp on and guitar plugged in while you do it. Roll the volume on the guitar off while making adjustments, then roll it up and play both melodic lines and chords. Listen carefully. You want uniformity among all the notes through chords. Most likely youll have to raise the high E, B and G strings while lowering the low E and A. The larger gauge strings are naturally a little louder then the smaller guages.

    It will take trial and error. Dont get them so high that its really hot and distorts too easily. Experiment, listen carefully and shoot for uniformity in volume. Some people may be technical in terms of measurements and distance to the string but ultimately let your ears do the talking. Dont get it too close or itll cause some warbling or strange overtones. Good luck

  3. Chris

    That was a great tutorial Basile 865, thanks. I noticed Pete Bernstein and Jonathan Kreisberg both have their B strings screwed down way low..

    Does anyone know if P-90s work the same way?


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