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335 string guage neck pressure?

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  1. steepcreeks

    Bought it off the wall from Guitar Center a couple years ago, liked the way it played, felt, sounded, seemed like it was a good match for me. The day I bought it I took it home and did my own crappy "set-up". I've been using it over the last 2 years almost solely on all my gigs and in practice. I've only played D'Addario 12's and 11's (both flat wound) since purchasing the instrument. Went to Hawaii for 3 weeks and had a local tech who has great reviews do a legit set up on the instrument since I wouldn't be needing it while on vacation. When picking the guitar up he recommended that I not put anything more than 10's on the guitar for two reasons: 1. The truss rod can't be adjusted any further 2. Wood grain in the neck goes at a 45 degree angle vs. perpendicular to the direction of the strings pull pressure.

    Played the guitar on two gigs this weekend and it played way easier than ever before since the action was significantly lower but I definitely don't dig the 10's.

    I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to technicalities with gear, but I'm having a hard time believing this. The technician builds tons of solid body elec guitars from scratch every year so I have to assume he knows his stuff but it almost sounds like buying a sports car to find out you shouldn't put a decent set of tires on it.

    If the tech is right, I guess I'll just play it with heavier strings till problem occurs then find another axe..Moffa perhaps
    thnx for feedback

  2. Anonymous

    I can't comment on the technical reasons your tech gave for only using 10's but I recently had a bad experience with a tech with an established reputation when I recently had a refret done on a Gibson archtop. I finally had the issue resolved by someone else who did an excellent job after much time and money spent (the guy who fixed it did the job quickly whereas the first guy had a massive waiting time).

    The first guy in my opinion didn't seem to understand jazz guys and mostly did setups for strats and the like. It was apparent that on this instrument of mine and what it required he was out of his depth.

    So my advice is find another tech. Good Luck! and stick to your guns cause it if it doesn't feel right it's not right.

  3. Anonymous

    P.S. I don't know if this helps but... on 335's you can adjust the tailpiece height which changes the "elasticity" of the string feel - meaning that the higher the tailpiece the easier it is to press down the strings as well as bend notes - whereas the lower the tailpiece is set the tighter the strings feel.

    It's to do with the 'break angle' of the strings from the bridge to the tailpiece. Not many people talk about this but it's why Gibson designed those tailpieces with adjustable screws on them...

  4. Poparad

    I'm inclined to call shenanigans on his recommendation against 11's or 12's. I've tried varying string gauges out on a number of my guitars, and they needed almost not truss rod adjustment when switching between sets. A little bit to keep the action exactly the same, but just going up one or two gauges isn't going to make your guitar explode.

  5. steepcreeks

    That's what I'm a hummin' Poparad. Gibson may be poppin' 500 335's off the line daily but I can't see this being for real. If it did explode that'd be pretty epic anyway :)

  6. jorgemg1984

    Ben, there are tons of people who use 12s or even 13s on 335... And I think if you want you could even put a stronger truss rod on the guitar but I don't think that's necessary. After all you have used 11s and 12s so far right? Maybe try a different opinion, its possible the tech is famous but not that good (or not used to jazz setups)

  7. steepcreeks

    Yeah, I've never used anything but 11s or 12s on this 335. I know he made some adjustments to the truss rod while lowering the action but I was uncertain of his thought. The action is great now, if the tone comes back when I switch the strings I will be smiling from ear to ear for the next couple weeks:) Totally getting rid of these 10's tonight. He was straightforward about not having done a jazz set up in many years. I just figured from the sheer volume of gtrs the man builds yearly he'd be good to go on any mod on a gtr as versatile as a 335.

  8. add4

    my ibanez as 93 (ES335 copy) has been played with .13 strings for the past 3 years. no problem so far.
    i expect that for a better guitar, of the same model, it shouldn't be a problem.
    On his site, Adam Rogers says he has .13-.49 on his 335.

  9. jorgemg1984

    I think the problem on 13-56 sets is the 56 not the 13. So Rogers is using a custom set and that's actually a good option - using heavy strings on the first strings and lighter ones on the top strings, a mix between 11, 12 and 13 sets. This is a great site for custom sets and you might even try better strings than DAs.

    Oh and a great guitar builder might not be a great guy for setups / repairs... you should go to someone used to do setups on 335 and archtops. I am using 13-56 for the last few years on a 300€ Cort (335 copy), so far so good.

  10. guitar1025

    I agree. For a while I had a hard time playing my 335 with anything heavier than 10's. I got it setup from a local reputable guy and immediately the 10s felt way too light. I took it back a couple weeks later and had him adjust it again for 12's. They feel great. I may go back and have him put 13's!!

    I think I'm going to look into the custom sets too. Those 56s can feel like trying to play a bass.

  11. Joxo


    Some 335 does not like the pressure of high guage strings. It in most cases when it goes to hell its the first part of the neck that infact can be fractured. gibsons design of the headstock on many instruments is realy thin and the angle of it makes it a bit fragile. Try using a set of thomastic 13`s that has a bit lower tension than cromes or other flatwounds and change the e and b string to a plain 15 & 18 steel. It worked out nice for me.



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