'59 ES-125 vs. Eastman 805ce

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  1. jazzbum

    Just thought I'd throw out this little dilemma I am having. I just sold a couple amps and two old guitars I had for about $700. Now I have a single amp (JazzAmp 10) and a single guitar (Eastman AR805ce). While I love the Eastman as far as playability and acoustic sound, I have never been satisfied with the way it sounds plugged in. So, I've got my eye on this ES-125 (kind of like a noncut ES-175 with a P-90 in the neck position) and am tempted to trade my Eastman in to get it. My frugal side tells me that it can't be much better and I should just upgrade the floater on the Eastman, while I often think I would prefer the laminate top and P-90 as I am really more of an electric guitarist. I'm trying hard not to get swept up in the vintage Gibson voodoo. Any thoughts or ideas about the guitars (should I trade)? Or, what can I do with this extra $700 dollars to make my current guitar work for me? Any and all advice appreciated!

  2. I have the 805CE and a Gibosn ES-175. The Eastman will never sound like a trad jazz box like the 175 even with a pup swap. The Eastman feeds back like a you-know-what, too. I, too, like the Eastman for its look and playability and the sound being clear and articulate, if not a bit bright is also pleasing as a change of pace. But when it comes right down to it a gibosn jazz box gives up the tone. I like P90s having had them on a Gibson Es-137P and I have to believe they will sound just fine in a vintage ES-125.



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