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7 string humbuckers????

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  1. hoops

    Hey guys I'm looking to outfit my 7 string with a neck pickup strictly for jazz. The guitar is an ibanez s series with a mahogany body and a maple top. Most likely putting flat wounds on it. I know...seems goofy. just seeing if anyone has come across a model they really like for a mid range, kurt circa 2001 sound. Any help would be stellar.

  2. contremisart

    Check out benedetto's pups

    SH-2's are also a very popular for a warm sound

    Also I can suggest you to check Tosin Abasi's gear. He has a collection of interesting 7 string guitars, I am sure they can lead you to more boutique type of pups.

  3. hoops

    Thanks man, tosin has an Eastman el Rey with kent Armstrong pickups in it. I was curious about those too. For some reason I've heard people complain about the sh-2's being too brittle. Maybe it's just people bitching for no reason. Either way, anything can be better than these terrible ibanez pickups. I'm glad people know about him. He's a great well rounded player and a Super nice guy.

  4. contremisart

    Also I should say that I am very happy with my jpx 7's neck pickup, I guess it is a model of DiMarzio. It has a very balanced and clear output and when I roll of the treble it sounds fantastic. Glad I can help

  5. hoops

    Yeah the liquifire pickups are surprisingly good for clean tones. Really nice sounding pick attack. I had a guitar with the six string version, never tried the 7 string yet. Ill have to do some more homework on all these. Thanks again man.


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