A good loop station?

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  1. animitta

    i have finally decided to buy a looper or loop station to make some playback track. I don't know yet if i will buy that new or used. I just would like to have some opinions about different loop pedals. I tried on the net and found some different brands. I would like something with a good amount of loop time. Someone can suggest a good looper?

    Thank you to all

    All the Best

  2. The boss loop station. I still have the 1st generation and it works fine and I haven't treated it so nicely either. The two people I recommended it to ( a bass player friend and a teacher thanked me and said it has been a great and invaluable tool). I don't store loops so I have the full five and a half mins to loop , I think the new one has more. I would not get the mini little pedal they offer... I've heard complaints .before the loop station , I had the green line 6 thing which was cool for shorter loops- but I found it stupid that you could not use its effects during the loop function!

  3. animitta

    The boss seems a good machine and probably i can find one of the 3rd generation, used or new. I was also thinking to the digitech JamMan but the price are really similar to boss ( it seems that also the functions are similar). I already had and still have a boss pedal and i think the quality is really good and they are "build like a tank" : ).
    I think i will follow your suggestion and i will try to find a RC3 or RC2.

    Thank you.

  4. jbroad

    the best one i've found is the newest version of the boomerang. it's a little pricey but well worth the $$$

  5. jorgemg1984

    I have the rc-20, great for practice.

  6. patfarlow

    i have a jam man it works well

  7. animitta

    Thank you all for the suggestions.
    I bought this afternoon a Boss RC 3 and i think it's a good machine, i jammed for some hours with the preset tracks and also recorded some of myself. It's fun also for practice. It's a usefull tool and i just need to learn well all the functions.

    Happy Easter to all.

    All the Best

    Magical rainbow ponies


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