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  1. donatello

    I present a social network for students. If you are an expatriate student? You have just arrived in a new country, you're alone and without reference? You probably would like to make new contacts with expatriate students that are already installed for some time, and may be registered in your university or who live near you? So to share, exchange, where you make new friends just join a new social network for all students who are expatriated for their studies, tourists or inhabitants of the country. Come to find out that you're not a student where expatriate you will again contact bigappol.com and it's free.

  2. Finally a social network! It's like Friendster or MySpace or the minidisc or the discover card. I'm sure this will take off if I had Facebook I would instagram a photo of your post and place it on my pinterest... This is a forum for people who care about music.... If one could only yelp people, I would love to write a review of you, sir!


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