A very brief clip with Ed Bickert talking

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  1. I'm not against and I'm very into much of the theory stuff that gets discussed here.
    It's a little refreshing to hear something like this every now and again.
    It's very straight forward and his relaying of the story and his delivery

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    Problem uploading.
    It is on vimeo . Posted by Jeff Bickert

    One is about his brief experience taking lessons early on.
    The other is about touring in japan ... They were posted like 3 days ago.

  2. Chris


    Thanks for sharing

  3. geetarted

    Yup. That's how you do it. School is great but a money making machine also... networking factor is the best when moving to a different city... but to really play and develop unique to oneself it's important to listen 10x as musch as you play.

  4. Pauli Poulsen

    What a great teacher to have the insight to say that.

    To me I've found a happy balance between listening/transcribing and the theoretical aspect. Listening to jazz teaches me the vocabulary of the masters, while knowledge of scales and such helps me understand their ideas and lets me expand upon those ideas on my own.

  5. Alvin

    Btw I just listened the Live at the Senator album with Mike Murley and Steve Wallace. A really great album!

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  6. It seems that more videos were added. Also it possibly suggests that there could be more of these in the future(?) with the " a project in progress" bit in the title of one of the newer vids.

    How cool!

  7. There seem to be about 5 new videos from the last 3 weeks . In one he is holding that tele and it looks like it's been to the sun and back . Sooooooo cool.
    Sorry for having problems embedding :
    Vimeo... Jeff bickert ... Ed bickert

  8. Alvin

    Heads up for some new videos added! :)

  9. Thank you!


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