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Aaron Parks Lead Sheets?

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  1. riverstooge

    Yo fellas, does anyone have the Nemesis lead sheet from Aaron Parks? I am a big fan of his version as well as the NPR and youtube video with Kurt playing it with Aaron. Thanks....[email protected]

  2. cruxtable

    check out aaron parks' myspace/website. he posted a link in his blog to all of the leadsheets for that album.

  3. nateroberts

    I had this link for a while but now all I'm getting from the location is a 404 error. Does anyone know if the leadsheets have been taken down or just moved to a different location? I knew I should have saved them all while they were up. Thanks a lot.

    - nate

  4. evhan

    Yeah, the link has been broken for some time. There was actually a comment thanking Aaron for the sheets from two days before I saw that post, so I just missed them. If anyone snagged the files before the link broke, I'd really appreciate copies!

    P.S. First, selfish post, though I've been a lurker here for a while. Nice to meet y'all.

  5. cruxtable

    i've got all of them. i can upload them for you. mediafire link coming soon.

  6. cruxtable

    here you go. track 5, as aaron park says on his blog, is just an improvisation based on riddle me this, so there's only 9 lead sheets here.

  7. Sandemose

    evhan: nice to see you too! Glad you found your way here, you´re most welcome :)

    Best, Sandemose

  8. nateroberts

    Oh my gosh Paul, you're a life saver. That's so incredible. Thanks a lot,

    - nate

  9. evhan

    Man, thanks so much Paul. Forever grateful!

    @Sandemose -- hey, thanks for the welcome. I've actually run into you on one or two other sites... Can't remember where, maybe YouTube. Glad to be here.


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