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  1. cruxtable

    i'm thinking mike moreno - between the lines (let me know if you know other good examples)

    my question is - how? i'm writing some music in a similar style and i think acoustic guitar would be fitting for me to play on at least one of the songs. this is for my senior recital - i'll be playing with bass, drums, piano, and probably a tenor.

    does anybody know how to get this to sound good in a live group setting? i don't have an acoustic i can use, maybe i can borrow one, but do you plug it in, does it have to be a particular amp, or do you mic it? i only have a jazz amp, a polytone right now.

    i want to get that great natural acoustic sound moreno gets on that album, it works perfectly with the group.

  2. i've always wanted to do this so i am interested in what people have to say. The trouble seems to be that when you play an acoustic guitar live with a band you end up still having to amplify it ---which defeats the point maybe. Piezo pickups sound awful to me and miking is hard and prone to feedback problems. I have heard some great stuff with Liberty Ellman on you tube playing acoustic with a sunrise pickup(i think) that to my ears sounds good.

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  3. Quintricacy

    I can't shed any light on how to do this because I've never done it before but 2 really good examples are Lionel Loueke and Nelson Veras.

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  4. jseaberry

    Larry Coryell has done a lot of work with steel-string acoustic; I think, though I am not sure, both pickup and mike. I must say that the best sounds I have heard from either nylon or steel acoustic have been miked and not with attached or built-in pickups. There is an album from 1978 with Coryell and Philip Catherine called "Splendid" with nice steelstring work, but the liner notes don't say if it was with mike or pickup.

  5. Pascau

    I've seen Julian Lage use a combination of a condenser mic on a stand in front of him, and a little mic that attaches to the tailpiece of his guitar (the Gibson L5 i saw him with at the time) that has what looked like a bendy neck for positioning. Not sure what its called, but the two mics together sounded fantastic.

    I get the feeling getting a good amplified acoustic tone is even harder than getting a good electric tone.

    Edit: Something similar to that, though if it was that mic, it had a different mount. He has it in this pic.

    Last edit haha. It looks like its one of these

  6. docbop

    Back in the day Sony used to make a real small condenser mic. It was about half a inch long and 3/8 around and people would get a small piece of foam and punch a hole in it at an angle and put the mic in it. Then mount the foam with double stick tape inside the guitar by sound hole pointing up at the strings. It worked well and i remember the Eagles and other bands did it for awhile. These days mic's for headsets are even smaller and fuller range should be easy to put a tiny condenser on inside a guitar, but like mic'ing any acoustic mic placement is everything.

    Also there are mic clamps for upright basses to attach a small mic to the body. They look like C-clamp.

  7. guitar

    Loved the Nelson Veras video. Such a brilliant player!


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