Active Pickups?

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  1. jazznan

    Hey. Just wondering what people's opinion of active pup's are? Looking at the Clapton signature strat with active pickups, any opinions?

    There's one on sale, and a decent price, and plays fantastic

  2. Basile865

    I had tried the clapton mid boost circuit in my strat with the tbx tone control and was not a fan. The midboost was nice sounding but it also darkened it up so much that the tbx tone control was necessary, which adds trebel to balance it out. 0-5 was like 0-10 on a normal tone pot, and 5-10 was the treble boost. Then the bottom tone knob was the actual boost knob. Problem being that you had to be modifying the tone knob everytime you used the boost. Not to mention battery life, having to make sure you unplug the guitar even when the amp is off so you dont drain the battery.

    That was my first attempt to get a fatter sound out of my strat. Since then I put in full size duncan 59's and am very happy.

    The clapton strats are built really well though, comfy v neck carve and nice attention to detail in the body lines. I only say that because after playing only strats for a long time you begin to see the varience on the bodies.

    If its not your only main guitar i say go for it, otherwise I say get something passive.


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