Adam Rogers' right hand technique

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  1. HlynurS

    I've been studying Adam Rogers' picking techique lately, it looks really effortless and efficient. I've googled around and it appears that people call it the "Benson technique" since George Benson turns his pick in that direction as well but I think Adam's technique looks a lot more effortless. It feels really wierd to switch to picking like this at first but I'm getting used to it. Having the pick at that angle makes it easier to separate the notes better with less effort, the pick doesn't have to travel as far to clear the strings. The tone also changes a bit and I think it sounds better when using this technique, the notes sound thicker.

    Do any of you guys play with this kind of picking technique or have made the switch to this kind of technique?

    Here are a few examples of Adam's right hand technique:

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  2. Gia5

    I did. In some ways gives you advantages, better tone, a fattest note and sometimes more speed. But it can't cover all the aspects of playing, especially the rhythmic ones in non swing-situations. So, when the situation needs it, i switch to regular picking. It takes a very long time anyway, at least in my case.

  3. Matt

    that style of picking doesnt offer any distinct advantage overall: it's just the way those guys pick (rogers and benson). Kurt picks differently and he sounds great; Metheny picks weird and his tone is amazing! so i think it's all about what your ears hear. if you like it, go for it.

    personally, i dislike it because i don't like to add the tension in my thumb to get the pick into position. i do like the sound of it though.

  4. HlynurS

    I don't feel any added tension in my thumb when I do it, as a matter of fact I feel like there's less tension overall and I'm able to be more relaxed when picking. Benson seems to bend his thumb back quite a bit while Adam Rogers keeps his thumb straight and his forefinger relatively straight as well and when I try to emulate that I feel really loose and relaxed while still being accurate.

    I do feel like it has some distinct advantages at least for me, with the kind of pick I currently use (Dunlop JazzTone 204) if I use the "traditional" angle of the pick then the pick just kinda rolls over the string and it's harder to make distinct notes as I have to move the pick farther or even lift it up away from the strings to get a good note. With the kind of angle that Adam uses I am able to let the pick just cut through the string and rest on the string below without much effort and it helps with more distinct note seperation. Perhaps with other kinds of picks there might not be as big of a difference.

    And yeah of course a lot of guys pick differently and still sound amazing, it really all just boils down to preference. Mike Moreno also has a peculiar picking technique as he holds the pick with 3 fingers and he sounds amazing doing it.

  5. smoke

    Rodney Jones picks the same way. I think Sheryl Bailey as well. I've tried it in the past but dropped it after a few months. You have to give up hybrid picking which is important to me so I went back to the way I used to pick. My technique was no better, nor my tone, nor my time, nor my penis length...

    Way too many people picking all kinds of ways to wreck your technique based on how others do it. That was the lesson for me. It was a fun experiment when it didn't matter as much (early college) but no way would I scrap 20+ years of hard ass work now that I'm getting paid to play.


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