Add a link to the music of Kurt site?

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  1. patfarlow

    Is there anyway the webmaster would consider adding a link to ?
    Mads does a great job with adding so many transcriptions, it seems like its on its way to becoming like do the math blog.

    Thanks for the consideration

  2. madsrh

    patfarlow -> Thank you for the kind words! I’m really honored by your suggestion. However, as great as this would be for the site, I don’t think that Mr. Rosenwinkel would appreciate it in the same way. The “Articles” I write are written from my point of view, with my opinions and interpretations – 100% unofficial. So why do I write it? Well I started the website because I'm transcribing and analyzing his stuff anyway - why not share it. I’m really hoping the other musicians will contribute to the conversation, making it a killer (unofficial) resource.

    I do agree that a centralized archive of transcription would be nice. I’ve seen band sites that have a section where users can upload their stuff. Something like that would be cool on, because there’s a lot of transcriptions scattered all over the web. Until then, I’ll continue collecting transcription for my site.

    Best regards

  3. fakejake

    mads, i'll take this opportunity to once again congratulate you on your blog and your effort! youre doing a fatastic job and helping out a lot of people. please keep up posting about your journey!


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