AER amp with electric guitar?

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  1. denjz

    I need a small amp for smaller gigs and rehearsals so I'm thinking about getting one of these small AER amps - compact 40 or 60.A friend of mine told me that AER amps are good for both electric and acoustic guitars - especially archtops...
    Does anybody have the experience of using AER amp with an archtop or semi-hollow?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. andyjazz

    AERs are pretty good, but the thing is with them you can't use any effects, or you could blow them out. They are great if you have an arch top and want that sound, or obviously an acoustic. Henrikson Jazz Amps are just as portable and to me sound much better with any guitar, and you can use effects. The other thing is they are transistor. Knowing that, I still have one, and use it for certain gigs. When it kicks the bucket, I'll get a Henrikson to replace it.

  3. andyjazz

    Also, I've never been 100 percent with the AER sound. Its very practical, but its a compromise!

  4. Anonymous

    I am in a kind of similar situation, 'cause i don't have a very great amp, but i try to use what there is on location, preferingly twin,etc.
    For me in this case the best solution is a used Polytone : you can find them for a honest price, they are pretty lightweight, they work well with pedals.
    I tried the aer but it sounded too much flat and acoustic to my ears.

  5. Last year I purchased a jazzmaster ultra light directly from fender.
    It's a little over $1000. I'm very satisfied. 200 watts; 2 channels with effects on a dial like : reverb ; rvrb+1 reverb + delay; chorus also at varying levels of intensity; a rotating Leslie thing and more. There is a pot that let's you bleed the presence of the effect aswell and a footswitch to change channels and/ or turn effect fir the channels on off. Definitely loud enough to hang with a drummer. Oh and the head has a bag with a strap and weighs 7.5 lbs!!!! And the cabinet is a 1x12" and weighs as much as an empty backpack and has a handle . Do not underestimate this portable and POWERFUL and VERSATILE amp.
    As far as the AER, I have seen it in practice and I am not sure that I agree that it can't handle effects. I'd say not all effects, delays reverbs and loops yes... An octave pedal would kill it probably. It mainly functions as a way of clearly boosting what you already have in a very clean hifi way. John stowell uses it with both his hoffner electric and his nylon jobber. I have seen Peter Mazza use it with a round back steel string and his archtop and his stuff wasn't super traditional ; again loops and reverb with some bite from pushing it I think not from a distortion. If part of you likes to rock I would not reccommend AER.

  6. Sorry to post more but, I find that the AER are is very thin and very sensitive to mids.. It kind of disgusts me actually, like when you can hear the clacking of saliva as a quiet person opens their mouth to speak. I think gilad heckselman uses the ultralight or at least I saw him with one a few times with Ari hoenig a couple years back.

  7. andyjazz

    Had a Lexicon and Boss DD3, sometimes an RV3, running through it, and it lasted about a year and half using it 3 nights a week before it started cutting out. I had AER fix, and they told me not to run anything through it except your guitar lead.

  8. carlescountry

    Another possibility is Acoustic Image amps, although they are more expensive. I use a Clarus 2R with Raezer's Edge cabinets. The sound is very clear, transparent, focused, and excellent with Archtops and semihollows. And you can use effects perfectly: that was why I chose that combination. I've never play with a Henriksen, but the AER I did not like with effects. You may look combos AI: Coda, Contra, Ten2 ... A good site to see the features and prices of all these amps:

  9. denjz

    Thanks everybody for all the tips and suggestions!
    I guess AER is not what I'm looking for...I'll definately check if Henriksen and Acoustic image are available here in Israel.Fender seems like a good idea too!


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