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  1. bingefeller

    Hey guys,

    I got some iTunes vouchers for Christmas and just can't decide what to spend them on! I have already bought Kurt's Standard's Trio: Reflections album and Tim Miller's Trio Volume 2 album.

    Can anyone recommend me other albums to check out that are similar to Kurt's music and the Tim Miller stuff?

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. Benny

    I'll recommend a few guitar trio recordings:

    Steve Cardenas - 'West of Middle'

    Vic Juris - 'Omega Is The Alpha'

    Adam Rogers - 'Sight'

    Jesse van Ruller - 'Live at Murphy's Law'

    Lage Lund - 'Small Club, Big City'

  3. jorgemg1984

    The Lage Lund one is so good... Curious about the Vic Juris one, love his playing!

  4. bingefeller

    Thank you guys, I will listen to some previews on iTunes and let you know what I think :)

  5. bingefeller

    I got the Lage Lund album Small Club, Big City and it's fantastic.

    What Jonathan Kreisberg albums would you guys recommend? I alread have Shadowless..

  6. jorgemg1984

    Actually all Lage Lund albuns are aewsome but that one must be the better. I really like "Unearth" although I think most people like "The South of Everywhere" better. His standard records, "Trioing" and "Night Songs" are also very good. But to me "Unearth" it's his best record, great compositions and Aaron Goldberg kills on the Rhodes.

  7. Neither

    I recommend Ari Hoenig Bert's Playground featuring Jonathan Kreisberg and Gilad Hekselman. It's really a great album ! You can go to every Kreisberg album : Shadowless, Night Songs, The South of Everywhere, Unearth, New for Now, Nine Stories Wide... (maybe the last albums !). You can go to every album featuring Mike Moreno ( His solo albums are great too, as Aaron Parks "Invisible Cinema" or Phil Stöckli "Third Eye" are, for some exemples. You can go to every album featuring Lage Lund, Marcus Strickland "Twi-Life", David Sanchez "Cultural Survival" and Jaleel Shaw "Perspective" are some of the albums I like the best.

  8. Neither

    And see here :
    Some other interesting new guitarists : Gilad Hekselman, Nir Felder, Romain Pilon, Mikkel Ploug...
    Edit : And for an album without any guitarist, James Farm (Joshua Redman, Aaron Parks, Matt Penman, Eric Harland) !

  9. silverwater

    I'll second Neither's Nir Felder recommendation. Nir doesn't have an album out yet, but it's in the works apparently.

    Check out Small's Audio Archives:

    And this show with Osby at the Vanguard (Nir's solo on Night and Day floors me):


    Abercrombie with Dave Liebman: Contact: Five on One

    Vic Juris with Dave Liebman: Return of the Tenor: Standards, Miles Away...anything by this group really.

    Rez Abassi: Things to Come

    Adam Rogers: Art of the Invisible, Apparitions

    Mike Moreno: Between the Lines, First in Mind, Third Wish

    Metheny: Anything in a Trio format, and "I Can See Your From Here" with Sco, also "Quartet" with Gary Burton

    David Binney: Aliso

    More rock oriented:

    Scott Henderson: Players, "Live". Tribal Tech "Reality Check"

    Wayne Krantz: 2 Drink Minimum

    Mike Stern: Leverkusen

    Scofield: Blue Matter

    Wow I got carried away with that. Also don't forget to check out Kurt's playing with Brian Blade and the Fellowship band, really powerful emotional stuff. "Season of Changes" is a great album.

  10. bingefeller

    Loads of great stuff here, guys! Thankyou!


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