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  1. kley2004

    Anyone here tried soloing over the intro of all the things you are: C#7#9 going to C7#9...
    The chords suggest a dominant diminished scale sound, but then the two notes preceding them: a to g# and then ab to g would clash with that scale.
    What would you use if you were to improvise on those?

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  2. Poparad

    One thing to keep in mind: Sounds like dom7#9 are meant to be tense and dissonant, so if you are playing some ideas that use notes that might clash with it, it actually works well because it's still under the umbrella of tension. As long as you resolve really outside notes somehow, the ear is very forgiving.

    If you want to strictly fit into that sound, just pick an altered dominant sound that has a perfect 5th and a minor 6th in it (which is what the A and G# are on C#7 and the Ab and G are on C7). Phygian dominant is a good contender, especially since the C7 is ultimately a V chord of Fm7, which the tune starts on. C phrygian dominant is also F harmonic minor, which makes sense, with C7 being the V of Fm.




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