Alpha Mega?

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  1. I found this lead sheet to an unreleased Rosenwinkel tune called "Alpha Mega" on the jazzenzo site:

    Are there any known recordings of this? Bootlegs? I'm interested to hear it...

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  2. Poparad

    Hmm, I ran through my collection of bootlegs and couldn't find it.

  3. Sandemose

    I think I have it. Its an old bootleg from Village Vanguard that Mark (from the old forum recorded). On it is "I need to know", "Terra Nova" and "Syntethics" but Im not sure at all actually. Kave Kikovski, Mark Turner, Jeff Ballard, Joe Martin is the personel. You know which one that is Poparad?

    Best, Sandemose

  4. Hmmm, if you find it, could I possibly get a copy?

    Contact us
  5. animitta

    Maybe the tune is called Alpha and Omega? : )

    If so, then it's a tune of the Brian Blade and the Fellowship's record ( Season of Changes - 2008 ).

    All the Best


  6. Sandemose

    animitta: yeah, you´re probably right about that! It never entered my mind...

    Best, Sandemose

  7. animitta

    "I believe in you"....but......with all my "Imagination" and "High Hopes".....i have seen that pdf score and heard the song and actually i am not so sure that the tune is the one i, " Only you Know"! ; )

    All the best

  8. Yeah, it's definitely not "Alpha and Omega"...I wonder where the fella that transcribed it got it from...maybe I can shoot him an email?
    Or Kurt could pop in with an answer :p That would be


  9. kurtisrosenwinkel

    this is my song Alpha Mega that hasnt been recorded yet. its pretty old though, from around 1996 or 7. probably on some bootlegs...


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