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alternate vs. economy picking

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  1. i was trying to get a student of mine to use alternate picking instead of economy picking but he was a bit resistant. i never use economy picking and figured i should talk to some other folks to get their view on it. i dont want to force something something on a student just because i dont have experience or knowledge of it.

  2. cruxtable

    i would definitely recommend the economy approach... i'm trying to switch over myself (i only do it naturally in one direction). the idea is that you never want to pass over a string that you're going to pick, it's wasted time and effort..but it would take a lot of practice to get down if you're used to alternate. your student is in a good place since he's already doing it, i'd say let him stick to it. as long as he's picking cleanly, accurately and steadily. if not, he just needs to shed it a bit more.. as do i.

  3. Matt

    You would never learn only how to cook one meal, right?
    My point is that both are extremely useful and should be mastered. I like alternate picking because it makes accenting a helluva lot easier, but economy picking sounds so smooth and effortless. I'd make him learn alternate picking, along with his economy picking, and show him situational advantages for both.

  4. jazznan

    jimmy bruno has got a book on picking that lots of people seem to find useful, maybe?

  5. colinmanko

    I only use economic picking. I consistently had teachers that told me I should change, and others that embraced what was different. I never changed and I have absolutely no problems with chops, except that anyone's can always be better.

    I studied both and found that economic made more sense to me and after that I just let whatever happen happen. I never stressed about it.

  6. larry

    I'm a new member to the forum,but not to playing guitar-[56years]. I'd been using alternate picking for most of the time , then a few years ago I was watching Russell Malone playing with Diane Karall, and realized he was using nothing but down strokes, is that alternate
    picking? I dont know, anyway that's all I use now and my playing has improved tenfold. I also use my thumb more [Wes], and that's even
    better, it makes you use down strokes ,i't's hard to back pedal with the thumb. As a matter of interest, what technique does Kurt use,and does anyone out there know what strings [and gauge] he uses to get that sound?..LG.

  7. andyjazz

    Thomastik .12 round wounds with a Fender Extra Heavy pick!

  8. larry

    Hi Andy. Thanks for that. Im using Ti George Benson flats on a Les Paul for jazz and Ti plectrum 10s on my small bodied acoustic, although
    I might try 11s next. Ive also been using a very light pick- Dunlop nylon 46 for certain things, sounds amazing, I cut them in half like
    Joe Pass did, I alternate between my thumb and pick. Thanks again..LG.

  9. inournight

    Andy I could have sworn Kurt plays with .13s I don't remember where i read or heard it exactly! I simply thought he had been on the heavier side of things, and in not only strings..


  10. NAS

    Forgive me if im wrong but shouldnt a guitar player learn both and develop what is natural? I have an incredible teacher but never have had the battle between alt and eco picking come up. Actually I've heard alt picking but eco sounds made up, sorry no offense, i appreciate the term. To me its a more natural thing then taught. Do you pick alt? or Eco? I think in the end all of us are thinking too much because we all do both!

  11. Sandemose

    I also think Kurt uses D´Addario .013s, forgot what pick he uses. He talked about gear on the old forum, then he played Polytones and used Line6 were the long ago is this..?

    Best, Sandemose

  12. andyjazz

    Sandemose, yeah the old forum was great. This one is cool too, and keeps getting better. Regarding Kurt, he used to use a Dunlop 207 Jazztone, but switched a few years ago to Fender Extra Heavies. As far as strings go, one of the reasons he likes Thomastiks is that they stay in tune longer. He said they last about three gigs before he has to change them. He hasn't done an interview for a while where he talks about what gear he uses, I just know this from talking to him.

  13. arewolfe

    I think it makes sense to first focus on alternate picking. Once a guitar player starts incorporating sweeping/raking motions into their playing, economy picking will just sort of happen. Once a guitarist starts understanding the feel of where the "up-beats" are within 8th notes and 16ths they they'll start to "naturally feel" where they should be doing down strokes, and where they should be doing up strokes... this will allow the guitarist to go from alternate to economy and back to alternate picking, all within the same line.

    I learned about alternate picking about 4 months after I started playing guitar. Before that I played using ALL upstrokes, which is really funny to think about now. I found alternate picking very challenging which made me determined to practice it all the time. I became very regimented on using it strictly in everything I did.

    At this point economy picking just sort of "happens." If I play a 3-note line across 3 stings, there's no way I'm going to alternate pick it, (except if I'm practicing and trying to specifically alternate pick everything. It's so much harder for me to alternate pick big arpeggios that could be swept, so sometimes I'll practice that specifically... for no good reason, other than the fact that it's hard!).

  14. What a beautiful way to state this, arewolfe.

  15. david6strings

    im agree with arewolf i have integrin order to intate alternate and now i'm beginning with the jimmi bruno book aplying his concept 4 a few licks in order to get it naturally


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