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Amp Head suggestions? (tube)

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  1. jamacy77

    Hey Forum users,

    Does anybody use the Raezer's Edge speakers? I have the Stealth 12 ER and the NY8 and I use an Acoustic Image head. It's amazing for clean sounds...really amazing.

    I was wondering if it's possible to use another head ( tube amp ) to get a 'fusion' sound with some overdrive.

    What amp heads do you recommend in case it is possible?

    If not, do you have any tube amps that you'd recommend to get a fender like sound for clean and maybe a marshall/mesa for overdrive? ;-)

    Thanks for your time and kindness!

    Happy 2014 to ALL

  2. bingefeller

    Fender are releasing a 65 Deluxe Reverb head so you might want to check that out. It'll be previewed at NAMM I'd imagine.

  3. jbroad

    the best tube amps on the planet:

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  4. jorgemg1984

    I don't like the fender tube amp (DRRI and redplate fit this category) into those cabs sound personally... Those cabs are great for a flat jazz sound but I think a bigger semi-open back cab with a guitar speaker is a much better fit to a tube head.

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  5. jamacy77

    thanks for your replies guys!

    I might consider a combo instead of a head. Thanks for your tips. They already have the Deluxe head in stock in some Guitar Centers, but it might not be the best match with the Raezer's Edge cab.
    I still want a clean jazz sound and good overdrive in the same package.

    I'm still open to suggestions!

  6. I'll play Devil's Advocate. ;)
    A quality clean amp can be a great platform to use pedals for distortion...just look at Kurt.

  7. I disagree... For example distortion, octave and others going through AER amps sound horrible.
    I've heard this set up up close multiple times. These amps being pushed that way don't sound like other amps breaking up in that natural way. These pricey hifi little gems are for those committed to a clean sound or delivering fidelity during boosting those flat mid centric little godins... something feels weird about the whole thing, like a janitor with an ascot or something.

  8. jorgemg1984

    Floating I agree with you but I disagree on the cause. The problem is not they're clean... Some OD pedals sound great into a clean platform like a twin or a polytone. The problem with an AER is that is a full range amp - those extra frequencies (5k-20k) and the whole voicing of the thing make sit sound hideous for guitar.

    I agree that if you're willing to use pedals just try to find a great clean tone. Then use pedals for OD.

  9. jamacy77

    You guys are very helpful.

    Does anybody know these Carvin V3M (link)? I heard they go from "jazz" to a "metal" tone. The price is really good. I've heard a couple of video demos, but want to know if anybody here has tried one.

    Thanks for your time and kindness

  10. That looks great! Has a similar look to my fender jazzmaster ultralight (... But probably with out the pending sudden death. It's heavier for sure , but that's a smaller price to pay than having an awesome powerful lightweight versatile amp that will up and die on you , with no tech that can repair it, and a company that won't honor it's warranty apparently ). They make great and accessible things .

  11. jorgemg1984

    No experience with those amps but don't order the V30 - terrible speaker for jazz.

  12. jamacy77

    Thanks guys!

    heard great things about this:

  13. Basile865

    Whats your budget?

    Fuchs makes really great stuff. If you're unfamiliar with him, listen to Jimmy Herring. He uses their amps.

    Personally I cant get enough of the classic Marshall series (super lead plexi, 50 watt plexi and jtm45). They dont overdrive unless you crank the hell out of them which I dont go for, but their cleans are fat and middy. Any good pedal will make great tone through these amps. I have no issue with the reissues either, I own one and love it. A used jtm45 shouldnt set you back more then a grand roughly, if you can find one.

    The current twin reverbs with the jensen c12k speakers sound great. I had one previously with eminence speakers I really didnt care for but the jensens sound excellent in my opinion.

    I have vintage 30's mated up with my plexi and theyre wonderful in my opinion. Not sharp or icey, but warm and full. They are however, in a marshall mf280 cab, which ive read is a vintage 30 tweaked for more low end? The mode four cabs were targeted towards drop tune rock guys but i love it for clean.

    This is my super lead plexi with that cab and a strat with humbuckers.

    My vote is for a jtm45 and some kind of dirt pedal

  14. surfinboy

    Don't rule out Mesa/Boogie - they've got an updated amp called the 5:25 Express Plus that can go from 5-15-25 watts. I haven't played one yet but I'm dying to. 4 channels, but it looks pretty uncluttered and easy to use. The "clean" and "blues" channels in particular sound like they have some great warm clean sounds, and the blues channel sounds warmer. It's relatively small and light, and the wattage changing is really useful, especially if you want to go from more headroom to more breakup.


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