Amp recommendation?

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  1. rustyair

    Hi all, I Henriksen jazz amp just blew up and looking for a small cheap 15-30watts amp for home practice.
    Currently I'm looking at fender blues JR and roland 20x. Amp recommendation? Thanks!

  2. jorgemg1984

    What happened with the Henriksen? I thought they were pretty reliable!

  3. jhall8291

    I have a Fender Super Champ XD 2 and love it for a practice amp, but it's gig worthy too. Its runs on 2 6V6 power tubes and is either 15 or 20 watts. It has some modeling stuff, but you can bypass all of that. Amp 2 on the modeling portion actually sounds great though(the bypass setting is more of a classic Fender Deluxe clean, but with the "amp 2" model with a little bit of gain I can get a good modern sound a la Kurt), and one of the reverb settings sounds really nice. I got mine new at Sam Ash for under $200. I think they had just come out with a newer version of that model and it was on closeout. I also previously had a Fender Pro Jr. which was pretty nice as well; though I prefer the Super Champ. Pro Jr has no reverb if that's a concern.
    If you can find one cheap, a Polytone Mini Brute is another great option that could be much more than just a practice amp. I got one for under $200 several years back and it has been insanely reliable. It was my main gigging amp for over a year and it basically stayed in the trunk of my car the entire time, no problems.

  4. docbop

    Henrikson are really solid amps, but everything breaks so why not fix it, or you just want another amp?

  5. rustyair

    Thank you for the suggestion.
    I was just playing with a new effect pedal and something happened I guess. It's probably my fault...I saw a little spark and it wouldn't turn on . :(
    I thought it would be really expansive to fix it because last time I tried to fix a dead Polytone, the reapir guy told me $400...and I only paid $250 for but I just got an email from Mr.Henriksen and he said he will fix it for free even thought I bought it used from a friend. Great customer service!

  6. egav

    Just for practice? A Roland 15 or a fender champ 600 would do great. I wouldn't play with people with these though. You might get just enough volume with them, but not enough power.


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