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  1. cruxtable

    right now i'm playing through an older 15" polytone, but i've found it doesn't have enough power, it tends to distort. i play with the d'angelico nyss, that sound kurt gets out of it is the perfect sound, but i don't know what amp to get....i'm not so keen on tubes, they're too heavy and i don't really want to deal with the maintenance... any ideas? i need something that will have all the power i need for any occasion, with a warm, clear tone. if i ever sell the d'angelico, i'll probably go for another semi-hollow, like a gibson or ibanez...maybe someday a sadowsky.

  2. denjz

    i have a henriksen jazzamp 12' and it's like an improved version of polytone.gets quite loud and never distorts.if you're into solid state amps you should definately check it out.
    acoustic image clarus might be a good idea too...

  3. cruxtable

    would a 10' jazz amp be enough do you think?

  4. carlescountry

    Acoustic Image Clarus through a Raezer's Edge cabinet (I have the 12-ER and the Light Weight Twin 8). You'll have all the power you want. Clear and warm tone .......
    When you sell the D'Angelico semi, tell me.

  5. 26-2

    I think your polytone is broken, i have several of them and once in a while they broke, less power, distortion etc... for my experience a 15 inch polytone is a quite loud amp! but they are not so reliable, the henriksen are nice amps! if you find a good fender princeton try it, you might like it!

  6. denjz

    @Paul :10' henriksen will probably be just as loud,but the 12' has much more pronounced lows which in my opinion might be more useful with the semi-hollow guitar.I think 10' sounds better with the regular archtop.

  7. cruxtable

    @26-2 is there a way to fix it, or know for sure if it's broken?

  8. 26-2

    Hi paul, just bring it to a good amp tech, or if you have the chance to compare it with another polytone you will probably find that yours lack in volume, i dunno why but they all have the same problem, at home i have two of them i need to repair, before they were sounding loud and full.

    Good luck!

  9. fender jazz master ultralight. 7.5 lbs. head; 200 watts, 1x12' cab (with handle) weighing next to nothing, 2 channels,effects modeling:
    roto leslie/reverb/reverb+1/reverb+delay /delay /chorus /flange/etc.; a knob lets you bleed the effect in to the level you want against the dry channel; footswitch that lets you switch channels and turn effect on or off for these channels.
    i find the effects and gain are SURPRISINGLY good.
    don't try pushing an AER or slapping on effect on it or think of rocking at all. its meant to amplify nylon strings or an oud or things like this in a hifi way...that's all.


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