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  1. wilmore

    curious about peoples amp settings. i've seen kurt with treble-0 middle-8 bass-4. steve cardenas uses treble-2.5 middle-8 bass-5. not sure about monder(poparad?) when i studied with joe diorio he set everything flat. of course it all depends on the amp and room. I've been using treble-2.5 middle-8 bass-3.5 on a twin with good results. anyway i'd love to hear peoples input.

  2. Poparad

    I have a Deluxe Reverb, which only has treble and bass, and I set the treble between 3-4 and the bass between 6-7. Otherwise that sounds close to what you can the people you mentioned are doing. I keep my guitar's tone somewhere in the middle. Depending on the room or the band, I'll brighten up the tone if need be, or cut bass if it's getting muddy/boomy. I have no idea what Monder sets his stuff to, but I'd imagine it's probably similar. I know he plays (or at least according to one interview a couple years ago) roundwound 12's or 13's that he hasn't changed in years.

  3. Matt

    hahahah! i hope by saying 'not changed in years' you mean that he hasn't switched brands...

    for me, my guitar has a very bass-y sound, so i keep mine at treble=5-6, middle=7, bass=3-5, and presence=5-7. it gets a very throaty, crisp sound. i've never really liked the 'traditional' jazz sound ala pat martino or george benson in terms of tone.

  4. JorgeRubiales

    There's no point in this kind of posts really, as everybody doesn't look for the same tone, nor can achieve the same even if they had the same rig. Plus, every amp, guitar, pickup, cable, different, and reacts different over time.

    The best thing you can do is to sit with a record you want to "copy" the tone, and adjust your rig without looking for the numbers. Sometimes you will be surprised when you look at the numbers. You might be adding more treble than you expected, or not, who knows? But nobody plays like you, so it's reasonable that you have to look for your own tonal spectrum.

  5. wilmore

    ummm....this wasn't about how to copy anything. just a simple question. i was very surprised to see steve and kurt use similar settings and have completely different tones. so to me there is a small point.

  6. bingefeller

    I have a Cornell Romany, which is a Fender Tweed clone, and I set the Bass at about 5 and the treble at 3. I do this because it appears to be quite a trebly amp.

  7. JorgeRubiales

    Hey! I didn't want to sound harsh wilmore, sorry if it sounded like that. I thought that you were after somebody's tone by the amp settings.

    I can tell you, in the conservatory we're trying everyone else's guitars all the time, often with the same pick, and everybody gets a completely different sound of the same exact rig and configuration. We don't even change the guitar controls! That's what I meant, it's perfectly normal to have the same settings as X player and a radically different sound.

  8. jorgemg1984

    Yes two people playing with same guitar and amp will get a completely different sound - just a different pick will give you a different sound.

    And just think how many Twin Reverbs are in the world, how many mods people do to them etc... When they are on the road I bet every night they get a different Twin (the speaker or the circuit or the era...). I also use treble on zero like Kurt on all stock Fender amps, they all sound terrible bright (except the ones from the 60s of course), but Steve settings are known as the "sweet spot" for a lot of Twins!

    Just scroll down and read Neils talk on playing with amps on the road.

    PS - Joe Diorio is clearly not very concerned with gear in general and he doesnt have the best tone I have heard in my opinion.

    PS 2 - Is Monder using the same strings for that long?! I know a guy here who uses the same strings for two years and even bends a little on the upper register because of the entonantion issues with dead strings, he says he hates to change strings and he hates the sound of new strings (and gets a very decent sound with that, god knows how)

  9. Poparad

    No, Jorge, it didn't come across harsh. I completely agree with you, though. So many things vary even from gig to gig, that the best you can do is formulate a good idea in your head as to what you want your guitar to sound like, and also have a good idea how the different knobs affect the tone, and go from there each time you play.

  10. wilmore

    hey all, didn't mean to sound defensive. the fact that people play with the same settings and get different tones is what makes this interesting to me. i'm not looking for a new sound, i was just curious how people like to set their amps. i like poparad's tone and would have never guessed his bass was so much higher than his treble. anyway just gear talk, nothing too important.

  11. i like that nels cline is being brought up ( and not in the wilco way ) . he is such an expressive and prolific dude.

  12. JorgeRubiales

    Ok no problem then. It's just that english is not my mother language and sometimes I worry that I am being misunderstood lol

  13. InWalked

    Great to hear props for Nels. Very expressive and at ease in any of his very diverse projects.

  14. bigalthefly

    I've been using a mark acoustic ac 601 wich i highly advice and i set bass 1, middle 9, hi 3 this when i use my gibson 347 with 13/52 but with my ibanez i have to turn bass to 3...........with my 65 reverb deluxe i use a boss pedal eq since it dont have middle adjustment......bass 3, hi 5

  15. Matt

    i recently acquired dunlop 207s (the best picks ever!) and they really fattened my tone and smoothed the edges. who knew picks were so key? i guess i didnt/


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