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  1. Hi There---

    So I have been saving up to get a new amp and I would like the forums opinion.

    A little backstory---4 years ago I had 2 good amps---A Mesa F-30 and an older polytone. Both sounded great and I used to run them in stereo. Then I got in a car crash and both were destroyed. (And the guy who hit me didn't have any insurance so I didn't get any money for the equipment !).

    So I have finally saved enough to buy something new.
    One problem I have is that here in Tampa FL it is very hard to try stuff out so I am trying to narrow things down and then make a trip somewhere to try a few things out in person.

    I have tried Henrickson, Raezer's edge cab with acoustic image head and a JazzKat and I don't think those type of amps are for me.
    Of course i have played through the normal Fenders and Roland Jazz Chorus amps that you get/have to play through. I have enjoyed the bassman but the weight hurts my back (also caused by the car wreck!)

    So the amps that I am interested in are---
    DV Mark (possibly the frank gambale one)
    Tone Port (maybe out of my price range?)

    So if you have any opinions/clips about those amps or any other amps you think might be good let me know.
    Pertinent info might be---I use a fair amout of pedals with 4 different guitars (335,175,tele and les paul) and I like to to go for anything from Straight -ahead to fusion and even the occasional blues or Rock gig (probably like most here) and I would like something that could cover as much as possible.


  2. jseaberry

    I have a really nice Evans JE200 that I got on Ebay; it is loud, clean at any volume, and tonally responsive.

  3. Poparad

    I switched over to an AxeFX II in January and I haven't even turned on one of my Fender tube amps since. There are quite a few nice sounding clean amps in there for jazz, plus all the effects could you want, plus speaker cabinet simulation. The plus for me is that wit the push of a button, I can switch between any number of different amps, yet only bring one to a gig. I can easily shape the sound to fit the gig, including things that would require a screwdriver and/or a soldering iron in real life.

  4. Thiago

    Hey, Poprad. Do you send the signal from the AxefxII right to the PA or to an amp cabinet, as if the Axe were an amp head?

  5. Poparad

    You can do either, although running to a cab requires a power amp (most people go with one of the models by Matrix). I run into one or two small, powered PA speakers (or just into the house PA if there is one). That way I can take advantage of the cabinet sims for different amps.

    Between my PA speaker, rack case for the Axe, and the foot controller, no one piece of gear is heavier than 20 lbs.

  6. Thiago

    It's a very interesting alternative. I heard some samples of the axe and it sounds great!
    I was looking for a new amp and this should be my choice.

    Thanks again..

  7. jbroad

    i use my axe fx II as an effects unit in front of my red plate blackloop 1x12 combo. the red plate amps sound amazing but might be out of your price range. mine is 40 watts, is super versatile and portable, and only weighs 35 lbs. i've done all kinds of gigs with mine (jazz, fusion, r&b/motown, funk, etc...) and it just kills on everything!

  8. Poparad

    Jack, I find it a little strange that you never use the amp sim part of the Axe FX, when that's the feature it does best (the effects are good, but the amp sims are stellar!).

  9. jbroad

    i tried to go the FRFR route but it didn't work out very well. i do a lot of gigs in the NYC area where there are no monitors and i have to rely solely on the volume coming from my amp. i do gigs with 10 piece bands with full horn sections and loud drummers and a single FRFR enclosure couldn't hang. right now, my rig is very small and very lightweight and sounds amazing. there's no way i would even consider bringing 2 FRFR speakers to gigs out here due to the lack of space on most of these gigs

  10. jbroad

    p.s. i do use the amp sims when i record. they really shine for studio stuff!

  11. Poparad

    Ah, I see. Yeah, on louder gigs I have to bring two speakers, otherwise it ends up sounding kind of boxy with one cranked.

    And yes, recording is a dream with the Axe FX! I'm recording an album with one of my bands right now and doing lots of layered guitars, and having so many amps at my disposal, all perfectly isolated and sent straight into Pro Tools is such a blessing! No hassling with mics, mic placement, noise/bleed issues.

  12. geetarted

    A Quilter Aviator Open Twelve was an option at a studio a few months ago and I ended up using it on a few gigs. Very cool and light and loud. Highly recommend trying one. You can buy one and demo it for 30 days and if your not fully into it they buy it back from you... according to the website. Cool and Good luck.

  13. jorgemg1984

    I love my Mambo amp, sound close the old polytones but even better.

  14. jorgemg1984---how does the mambo amp take pedals. You got any clips you would want to share? (That goes for everyone if you want)

    geetarted---that sounds like a good way to try it out---thanks!

    jseaberry---I forgot to mention that I did try an Evans---wasn't my thing I guess.

    jbroad---The Red Plate amps look great but they are probably out of my price range. The Chuck D’Aloia ones are the lowest priced---did you try any of those out by chance?

    The Axe stuff looks interesting---however it's a bit pricey and I would still need to buy a cab and possibly a Power amp?

    DV MArk makes a similar product that is a lot cheaper---anybody here play through one of these?

  15. jbroad

    larue- yeah, the CD2 1x12 combos are amazing! it's just like my blackloop except the CD2 has a 2nd "tweed" channel instead of the "overdrive" channel. you don't really need an axe fx if you already have a few pedals. i used to have a giant pedalboard for my r&b/pop/funk gigs and then another set of pedals for my jazz gigs and the axe fx replaced them all

  16. jorgemg1984

    It takes pedals very well (to my taste)... I love the fx loop for verbs and delays and the usual RAT sounds great in front.

    Some clips using a mambo head and two 10 cabs with a 1965 Guild X-500 with PAFs and some delay and reverb (in front here). Recorded with Zoom H2.

  17. PFDP


    I am searching for an amp too. I have a Fender Twin reverb and a henriksen.

    The twin, of course sounds great, but it is too heavy. The Henriksen sounds good with a semihollow.

    The problem is that I purchased I hollow body guitar and in my opinion, the Henriksen ,despite the fact that sounds good, it doesn´t sound as good as
    a the twin.

    So, the question is...can anybody recommend me a small tube amp? clean sound, around 40W. I am sure that the port city or headstrong are great. But there are out of my range of price.

    And if somebody knows an european brand, that would be great, because I would save a lot of money in taxes...


  18. sweetdeat

    Port City. As far as modern amps are concerned they are my favorite so far. Daniel Klein is super attentive and guarantees your satisfaction.

  19. Barry Mando

    I'm so surprised that with every post about amps on this forum, there have been many, no one talks about Carr Amps. The Rambler, is a beautiful amp and lightweight. A wattage cut for playing at low volumes. All tube and class A. Tone for days! Check them out.

  20. sweetdeat

    The only reason why I didn't mention Carr is because a good friend of mine has had a hard time with his holding up from being on the road alot. He's had to service it WAY too much. Maybe he got a lemon...but it does sound good when it's working right.

  21. PFDP

    I´m sure that tohse are very good amps...but very expensive too...

    Another question that I have in mind is, how Kurt or any other guitar players nowadays prefers to play with the twin in small/medium venues?

    Is it the same quality of sound?. I´ve been told that for a good quality amp sound the volume should be around 8 or 9...imposible for a twin in some places..I think.

    What do you think about this...because if I can get a good sound with low volumes it doesn´t matter the weight...

  22. Basile865

    Kurt cant bring an amp around the world with him because itd be very expensive. Hes not in some big rock band playing arenas, in one country. He probably requests a twin at the venue bc its one of the most common and best sounding standard tube combos you can find nearly anywhere. 85 watts and a 2x12 will offer great headroom, and fill the room well. Remember hes not competing with electric bass or a heavy handed drummer. From there he has a ton of sound shaping ability from his board, which is good bc no two amps are the same.

    Whoever told you a tube amp has to be at 8 or 9 to sound good is wrong. Thats an old-school blues rock mentality where an amp would over power the tubes and create the overdriven sound. Thats why all these mini 1 to 5 watt amps are so popular, bc you can crank them, get overdrive and not blow your head off with volume. Thats completely not what kurts sound, or really most (if not all) jazz players are about. You want clean headroom. Granted a tube amp is going to sound better "breathing" a bit more then if you have the volume on 0.5.

    I used to wonder why kurt used standard issue twin reverbs when hes clearly meticulous about tone, but it has to be purely for travel and expense reasons. I think I read he used port city amps on his latest record. Ive played them, theyre nice, but basically a vintage style fender to me.

    Ive never played one, and theyre CRAZY expensive, but a friend is buying a Two-rock amp. They seem to have very impressive EQ abilities built into the amp.

    I for one, will always love marshall amps. Just the old school ones, the superlead plexi. Any of the 100 watt heads, 50 watt, or 30 watt jtm-45 or bluesbreaker combos have cleans to die for in my opinion. Ive got a 1959slpx reissue model, removed the bright capacitor, and nothing Ive played can touch it. Huge round cleans, tight bass, warm highs. Only problem is its a bitch to move that and a 4x12.

    Some marshall boutique stuff: Germino, and Metropoulos. Ive played both and theyre phenomenal. For some strange reason, Germino amps, Carr amps, and Port City amps are all built in my home state of North Carolina.

  23. Basile865

    Sorry if that got a little away from the original post.

    I used to lug a twin reverb around all the time, and I did actually throw my back out once!

    If you need something light and toneful, I recently played a bone stock 1965 Fender Princeton 1x10 combo. I could not believe how big and warm this little thing was! If you can find one on ebay its totally worth a shot. Worst case scenario, you wont lose your investment because its a vintage fender.

    I'll also suggest a mid 60's fender bassman head. Theyre still available at a reasonable price, and from there you could get perhaps a ported 1x12 cab. Look for a neodymium magnet speaker, it'll save your back versus a ceramic magnet equivalent. If youve ever picked up a MarkBass cab thats why. Extremely light.

  24. PFDP

    Thanks for the reply,

    and what about the hot rod? I could´t play it yet with my guitar?

    Do you think that it has the fender clean sound?

    It is cheper than the deluxe or princeton ( BTW Is it 15 watts enough for a gig in to play with a qtet?).And not so heavy

  25. Basile865

    Id say yes, 15 watts should be enough, depending on how loud the other musicians are and the venue. I would prefer more than 15 in general but its probably louder then you'd think.

    The fender hot rod series amps are kind of lackluster to me. Yes they have the fender clean tone, and they sound pretty decent with a humbucker equipped guitar. I think george benson actually uses one, and Im sure he'd have access to a lot of amps. If youre buying one new though, you could probably find a vintage bassman head or bandmaster head for roughly the same. Dont forget, a good EQ pedal works wonders.

  26. PFDP

    Thanks again for the advise

    This saturday I will go to a store and I will play different amps, I will share my opinions in case that it help to other players.

  27. PFDP

    Hi again,

    I´ve been Playing trough the Deluxe Reverb, And I like it. Basically I found it clean and with character. However I didn´t play it louder than 5 or 6.

    Then somebody told me that at high volumes the amp crunks a little bit. I don´t want that. I want the cleanest sound that I could achieve.

    I think that I will back to the store and check it.

  28. Poparad

    If you like the Deluxe Reverb, check out the other xxx Reverb amps, which are basically the same amp but with more power or different speaker configurations. The Twin Reverb is a common standard amp, which is basically a more powerful Deluxe with two speakers, a midrange control, and a master volume (on some models).

  29. PFDP


    I have a twin reverb...on sale. Unfortunately it´s to heavy and loud for the venues I usually play.
    So what I am looking for know is a clear sound as closer to the Twin as possible, but lighter.

    That is the reason for my search.

    The problem that I have with amps like Carr, port city, etc is that they are to expensive. And It is imposible for my try them.

    Maybe I can try a Headstrong lil´king.

    But the price it is a issue...

    Poparad , I´ve been told that the vibrolux it is a good amp too. Do you if it cranks like they say that the DR does?

  30. jorgemg1984

    Other two differences - 6v6 (deluxe) vs 6l6 (twin) and tube rectifier (deluxe) vs solid state rectifier (twin).

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