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  1. jorgemg1984

    What you want is something Fender never did - a 35w / 40w 1x12 1 channel amp. You can check the Gries 35 or brands like Tube-Tone or Vintaqe Sound amps. But it will always be on the 1500 / 2000 area... the Gries 35 seems to be the cheapest and simplest. Not my personal choice because I find the stock Fender sound too mid-scooped but it you liked the Deluxe... a used Music Man amp is also an option, although it's not full tube.

  2. Basile865

    How about the peavey classic series? Good tone for the money.

    I still stand by you looking for an original bassman head 1965-1969. They are tone monsters and if you still arent happy you wont lose your money on resale.

  3. PFDP

    You are right Jorge, I´m looking for something that Fender doesn´t have. I think that I going to take some time and play the Headstrong. The Gries looks great too.

    I will consider the peavy too, in fact the next week I will play one.

    Regarding to the Bassman head, I think that is more easy to carry a combo.

    BTW, Someone of you have ever thought about to buy the amp in different parts?. I´ve heard that there are webs where you can find and buy the components...Something similar to Ikea ;-)

  4. add4

    You can buy amps in kits and build them yourself, but you should have a good knowledge of electronics, clearly know what you are doing, and KNOW THE SAFETY RULES (the voltages into a tube amp can kill you, even when it has been unplugged for hours/days).
    In the end, if you know what you are doing, you can get higher quality amps, that match your needs better, than those sold by big companies, but it is NOT cheaper.
    The cost of the parts only, that you have to buy in small numbers, is usually around 500-800$. Then you have the time you put on it (in 10th of hours), the possibility that it doesn't work properly and that you have to debug it (hours again), and the risk of working with high voltages.

    For safety considerations, and also to make sure the amps you build would actually work, it is also necessary to start with an easy projet, a 5w tube amp, very easy electronics, then work up to something more complicated. A kind of low powered twin would be a second or third project, this means that your 'goal' amp would cost you these learning amps too..

    So, if you are into building stuff by yourself and like to understand guitar gear, because you're curious, definitely do it! I'm building my first amp at the moment, it's fun, interesting, and in the end, i know a LOT more about the sound characteristics of each element and how to get a certain sound. But do NOT try to do it if you only want a better amp for less money! It might not work, but you could also kill yourself (literally).

    Also, if you want a louder deluxe reverb, you could consider swapping the loudspeaker for a more efficient one. A more efficient speaker makes more sound out of the same power than a less efficient one. a 3Db increase in efficiency DOUBLES the percieved volume. I played with a deluxe reverb with a weber speaker, next to a stock one, it was twice louder indeed. But deluxe reverbs are MADE for crunch sound at low power so it won't stay clean if you turn gain past 4 or 5.

    Hope that helps

  5. egav

    If you're ever in the NY/NJ area (not necesarily, but you want to try stuff out before buying), theres Louis Electric, kind of boutique amps. I don't own one, but I've played through one many times, and it's great. I personally like the driest sound possible to come from an amp (no EQing on the amp). This amp is exactly that, it only has two or three knobs. Volume, drive, and something else. No low, med, high. The reason I like dry amp sounds is so I can get all the sound I need off my guitar and pedals (usually an EQ pedal) but it takes away the limited EQ ability of an amp, and I can confine my EQing to less things (just my guitar, or just my pedal, rather than guitar pedal and amp). They're really good tube amps, and they also do custom work. I'm planning on getting one myself when I come up with the bread.

  6. PFDP

    Thanks guys,

    add4, thanks for all your instructions. I supposed that built amps would be very difficult, but not as dangerous...Anyway, there is I man that I know that could do it. That guy told be too, That Buguera amps aren´t as bad as we can think, changing a few things like Speaker, valves, and some wires) I could have a decent amp, specially bearing in mind the price. He did it for other players.

    Damn it, why life is so complicated without money!!! ;-)

    Thanks again for your opinions!


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