'An Improviser's OS' and other books

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  1. Matt

    Has anyone used An Improviser's OS [Wayne Krantz] or any other books that helped them immensely? I heard Kurt answer that question in the Berklee 2001 clinic, and was curious what you guys thought.

    I can say that (although i haven't worked a whole lot out of it) Monder's Composition book is a fun thing to work from. a lot of great voicings and fingerings.

  2. Chords scales and arpeggios by al politano
    chord chemistry Ted Greene
    harmonic mechanisms( I-III) van epps
    the advancing guitarist Mick goodrick
    thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns Nicholas slonimsky
    the guitarist's guide to composing and improvising ( or something like that) by Jon Damian
    has a great intervallic structure chart in it.
    Harmonic experience w.a. Matthieu

    non theory books
    forces in motion Graham licke
    miles Quincy troupe
    beneath the underdog Charles Mingus

    Music books

    monk fakebook
    Bach partitas and sonatas solo violin
    random Chopin

    Magical rainbow ponies

  3. jbroad

    if you want a book on harmony that will blow your mind get "Mel Bay's Complete Book of Harmony Theory and Voicing" by brett willmott. the one after that "Complete Book of Harmonic Extensions for Guitar" is great too.

  4. The Guitarist

    m sure some of you knew. Also check out "The Chord Factory", his more recent book. He`s great at approaching things in a "think outside the box" kind of way.

  5. Sandemose

    Tim Miller is writing a book with Mick Goodrick about chords, comping, and composing. They have been writing it for a long time though...dont know when its going to be released....

    Best, Sandemose

  6. Quintricacy

    To be honest, I rarely go through books from start to finish. I usually find a concept that i like in the book and then go off on my own. But I just got this book called The New Chord Dictionary by Lupa Santiago. It's by a Brazilian guitarist and the lay out is really good and includes backing tracks. It's not just a book of chord diagrams, it also has sections on suggestions for applying the various voicings in a 2-5-1 setting. Since it's a Brazilian book the title is in Portuguese: " Novo DicionĂ¡rio De Acordes Para Guitarra E Violao"

    It's worth checking out.


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