Another smalls live video alert!

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  1. shawnuff

    just in case anyone isnt aware, the early show this evening is bernstein/kreisberg duo! should be very interesting.

  2. nateroberts

    Where can I watch this? Thanks so much for the update.

    - nate

  3. shawnuff
    Member then click on 'live video'. the show starts 7:30 nyc time.

    happy watching

  4. Sandemose

    Yo! Someone posted a link with a IRC-chatt were we could hang out and talk durings smalls live streaming gigs. Anyone find it? I´ll look around and see if I can find it :)

    Best, Sandemose


    Here it is! :)

    Password: smallsgig (copy and paste!)

    Hope to see some guys there when the gig starts!

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    here is kreisberg several years ago

  6. Sandemose, I'm sorry to have to tell you, but the first tune of the second set was Summertime in 5/4...

  7. jazznan

    I caught the first two songs and then had to go, can someone post when the audio is up? thanks

  8. Sandemose

    mikeythunderfunk: Hahaha, man...! I knew this would happen! Why do always happen to me? :) Ah, well. Thanks guys for joining in. I had a great time watching it while chating with you. Thanks to person who linked to this chat, that was great of you.
    Im not sure but I think Ari Hoening is playing this monday, with who I dont know. Probably Gilad or Jonathan. Hope to see you guys there and take care!



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  9. Neither

    Hey there, an information from here :

    4 janv. 2010 20:00
    w/ Ari Hoenig Quartet @ Smalls New York, NY

    11 janv. 2010 20:00
    w/ Ari Hoenig Quartet @ Smalls New York, NY

    It will be interesting to listen to him playing with Moreno !

    If I believe I can see 21 december 2009. Ari Hoenig play in Duo with Edmar Casteneda.

    So Sandemose, I think you'll have to wait 18 janv. 2010 to see Ari Hoenig quartet at Smalls with Gilad Hekselman and 1 & 8 february to see his punk bop group with Jonathan Kreisberg


    EDIT : Post Scriptum : It would be great people record the smalls archives (as some are canceled) and video (if you can) ! And share it !

  10. Sandemose

    Hey Neither: December 28 Ari Hoenig Trio (with Gilad) plays at smalls. Check out the dates on Livevideo on Smalls homepage. Haha, a drum and harp duo? Madness! I got to see it :)



  11. Neither

    Ari Hoenig's website mentions :
    28 Dec.
    Ari Hoenig reunion trio with
    Orrin Evans, Kevin Arthur
    Smalls, NY 10:30pm
    But you're right : Smalls 's website says he'll play with Gilad and Ari Hoenig's website didn't mention anything about today !

  12. Colonel Trane

    Mad I missed the duo but really want to catch the Ari Hoenig shows, every show of his I've watched has been great. I hope to see some of you in the room too...

  13. Benny

    I really enjoyed watching this the other night. The live webcam and recorded archives are a fantastic resource! Was also good fun to join in the real-time chat.

  14. Sandemose

    I have no idea why, but I made a Smalls alert regarding Mike Moreno and Ari Hoenig tonight. For some reason its now closed. Have I missed something? Was I breaking some kind of rule Im not aware of? Please let me know if thats the case. Hope to see you guys on the chat either way.

    Best, Sandemose

  15. 111

    Sandemose-see ya there. I'll buy you a virtual beer or coffee, that's right it's like the wee hours for you! Thanks for the heads up.

  16. Sandemose

    111: Sweet! Nice to have some company. Anyone in charge can tell me why the first heads up post was closed? If I made anything wrong Id like to know what it was...

    Best, Sandemose

  17. Nuno
    Key Master

    Sandemose; are you asking if we erased a new post regarding this subject? i don´t think so...i have checked and there is no record of a new post about it.


  18. Sandemose

    Nuno: I posted 4-5 hours ago about Mike Moreno and Ari Hoenig. When I tried to edit the post I just came back to the forum main site. When I tried to post a reply, it said: Thread has been closed, Return to Kurt Rosenwinkel forum. Is it just a bug? :) Just good to hear I didnt do anything wrong atleast :)

    Best, Sandemsose

  19. Sandemose

    Lage Lund plays tonight, Kave Kikovski (sorry for misspelling), Seamus Blake, LeFlemming (?), Rodney Green. I might check it out, if I dont fall asleep sitting in my chair :(

    Same smalls video link as above. If I watch it, I´ll be on the chat as well...

    Hope to see you there.

    best, Sandemose

  20. Sandemose

    BUMP: The same group plays tonight. I will probably check it out. Lage is a beast.



  21. nateroberts

    YES! At last. This is a first time I've found out about one of the shows BEFORE it was over. I'll definitely be there, and if I can avoid technical difficulties, I'll be in the chat room as well. Thanks guys!

    - nate

  22. Sandemose

    nateroberts: Im at the chat right now, I think Im gonna watch the sologuitar concert as well. See you around later!

    Best, Sandemose

  23. 111

    some cool stuff on tonight 1/8...and the sound at smalls live is all warped and distorted for those who like electronica : )

  24. just popped into smalls's website to see what was going on tonight. jesse lewis (a friend of a friend) is in the 1st group playing tonight 7:30). don't know anything about the group, but i reviewed jesse's cd "Atticus" for AAJ a while back and liked his writing/guitar playing. Obed Calvaire is on it (circuitous connection to the board here...)! anyway, maybe i'll see you guys 'there'

    edit - wahhhhh! technical difficulties. oh well. maybe later.

    edit - Back!

  25. Hope all are well around these parts of the interwebs! Mark Turner Group tonight. Sorry for the late notice; just found out myself. I hope the feed is happening...

  26. mds90

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