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Any Good Jazz Guitar Books Around?

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  1. bingefeller

    Any instructional jazz guitar books that I should check out? I have Chord Chemistry and Tim Miller's book....anything else?

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  2. docbop

    The Advancing Guitarist by Goodrick is a classic.

    Not guitar books but checkout Jerry Bergonzi's Improv books.

  3. bingefeller

    Thanks for the suggestions. Anymore you know of?

  4. The Advancing Guitarist is a life changer, I think if I had to name one, that would be it.
    Andrew Green's Jazz Guitar series are great.
    For the modernist, Wayne Krantz's "An Improvisors OS" is profound.
    If you're interested in harmony on the guitar, and in particular drop two voicings, Brett Wilmott's "Complete Book of Harmony, Theory and Voicing" is obsessively comprehensive and Peter O'Mara's " A Chordal Concept for Guitar" is a goodie (shorter too.)
    All three Van Epps Books are mind boggling.
    If you can't read (music) work through the William Leavitt "a Modern Method.." books and, again as mentioned, don't limit yourself to guitar books, as well as the Bergonzi stuff, checkout Andy Levine's "The Jazz Piano Book"
    Hal Crook's "How to Improvise" is also a good one.
    ..Oh, and you've seen the "Real Books" right?
    That should keep you busy ;)

  5. patfarlow

    Youll find more "creative" chords in the Bill Evans guitar book i just posted about, than a standard jazz book.

  6. bingefeller

    Thanks for these great suggestions, folks!


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