Any upcoming recordings from Kurt?

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  1. Poparad

    Judging from his recording pace so far, it seems like in the next year or so it should be time for a new release. I know he's mentioned a few different ideas in the past for projects he'd like to do. Any decisions made as to what's next? A new studio record? Another standards trio? Heartcore 2.0? Something different entirely?

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  2. barolo

    There seems to be a tour this fall with "Kurt Rosenwinkels Time Machine" - feat. Andrew d'Angelo, Nasheet Waits and Eric Revis. Lets hope thereĀ“s a recording in the pipeline as well for this combo.

  3. Matt

    kurt should do a bossa album, all in weird time signatures. just a thought

  4. bingefeller

    I like the idea of the bossa album, Matt!

  5. lucapusch

    I heard somewhere that the next album will be a solo album, but no idea when it will be released.

  6. thoeller

    I would love to hear another standards record with the faster tunes he's been playing. nica's dream, milestones, inner urge, BACKUP!!!!! I've been listening to reflections pretty much twice a day lately what great album. his tone on that record is off the hook too.

  7. JorgeRubiales

    I love tunes like zhivago, dream of the old (that one gives me shivers)... I think it's that kind of songs where Kurt sounds uniquely like himself

  8. rustyair

    Please make a Solo album!!!

  9. JorgeRubiales

    That one would be interesting to hear. But with voice!


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