Anyone guitar nerdy enough to list all the pedals in this chain?

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  1. Anny Mouse

    And when I say "guitar nerdy" I of course mean awesome.

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    Also, what kind of patch cables is he using?

  2. Benny

    Left to right:
    The blue pedal on the floor with 7 knobs is an Empress Parametric EQ.
    Peterson tuner
    Strymon BlueSky (reverb)
    Yellow pedal is a VFE Effects Bumblebee (swell + compressor)
    Green pedal is a Dr Scientist Tremolessence (tremolo)
    Behind that is a GigRig Wet Box (loop/blend)
    Strymon El Capistan (delay)
    RAT (distortion)
    The small black box next to the RAT is a GigRig Z Cable
    Another GigRig Wet Box
    Electro Harmonix HOG
    Digitech Vocalist

    I can't help with the two light blue pedals by the tuner and trem.

    The red cables look like George L patch cables.

  3. Quintricacy

    The cables going into his guitar are Vovox sonorous cables. Really amazing patch cables from Switzerland.

  4. jorgemg1984

    I wanted to post that video and then forgot! The patch cables are George Ls (I assume lead cables are Vovox as stated above).

    I was really intrigued by the absence of the Lehle mixers... I thought Kurt didn't play without them but now I see he has Gig Rig stuff, never heard of them before (and it seems the big pedal is this one

    Also interesting the use of VFE pedals, seems like a good brand of small pedals.

  5. Anny Mouse

    Awesome, thanks guys!

    Anyone see how he's powering all these? Batteries?

  6. carlescountry

    And his D'Angelico with two inputs. Anyone know how it is routed? I have read every input goes directly to each of the pickups, is it true?

  7. Dimitris

    The"Rat" is an orginal "whiteface" from 1985 as far as I can remember...

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  8. jorgemg1984

    Kurt must really love his RAT - I have seen him change every pedal on his chain except that one (actually I think he briefly used an AC Booster because of problems with the RAT input and the SD 59). And ODs and Distortions are probably where you have more boutique options!

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