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  1. jazzacast55

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has received scholarships to study with musicians or at schools overseas?
    I'm currently looking into it and thought I'd ask, I'm intending to do some more study (Honours) and if there is a way I can include studying overseas, maybe New York with specific players, take lessons from guys over there, that type of thing.
    Look forward to you responses!

  2. egav

    It sounds to me that you're from Europe? A lot of schools give out scholarships, but it's hard to get a full ride. I don't think music schools do that anymore. Your best bet is to have good academic grades as well as good musicianship. I go to a 49k/yr school and I end up paying about 16k a year because I have scholarships. My music scholarship only covers 13000 while my academic scholarship covers the rest.
    You won't get scholarships to study outside of a college, like taking private lessons with guys. And those get pretty expensive. Try applying to NY schools, a bunch of them. Do some research on which are the good schools and who teach there.


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