Anyone Seen This Weeks Shows At The Standard

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  1. goshawk

  2. sam

    I saw the two later sets on Friday. So keeeeelling. I've seen him on several occasions over the past few years, and that was one of my favorites. I always dig the Aaron Parks tunes they play, too. "Unknown" is awesome!

  3. goshawk

    Saw the second and 3rd sets Saturday.

    No formal amp on stage. Looked like just a power amp on floor with pedalboard straght to the pa. He had two special monitors. This I overheard him saying eliminates the stage volume sparing the piano player. The weird thing is, in sitting close to the stage you get use to all the amp volume which is now gone and is above you coming out of the main house speakers. Less noticable back from the stage a good piece.

    They played quite a few new pieces by Revis and Parks.

    Loved the show and the venue. Used to seeing him at the Vanguard. Nice change of pace.

  4. jbroad

    ^ that wasn't a power amp. it's a fractal axe fx II

  5. Poparad

    Kurt, did you get your issues straightened out with the Twin models on the AxeFX? I saw you posting on the AxeFX forums about it. I offered my 2 cents in dealing with the same issues.


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