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Apartment practicing, gear advice needed

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  1. silverwater

    Does anybody have any experience practicing through earphones? I get urges to play at odd hours of the night, which doesn't please the neighbors so much.

    I'm looking for something that will give me a good sound, plus has a 1/8" audio input. I have one of those Tascam GT trainers, but the sounds are absolutely painful to deal with. I tried a 1/4" to USB cable with some amp modeling software, but there are latency issues which annoy me (slow laptop). Anyways I'd to hear what some of you have used and recommend before I go out and make any regrettable purchases. Maybe even a practice amp designed to sound good through earphones?


  2. Get the phil JOnes cub. Awsome amp !

  3. animitta

    Practice without amp in the early morning, sleep at night :)!

    All the best

  4. Matt

    yeah, if you have a semi-hollow especially, i'm sure practice with out an amp would work. I;ve heard it really improves your tone for some reason.

    Contact us
  5. Sandemose

    I think Fender makes decent practice amps, with input for CD and earphone jacks as well. Some crappy effects included I guess. My friend have one, it works for the purpose of practicing. Dont remember the amps name, but its a Fender at least.

    Best, Sandemose

  6. Us bass players can't do much to prevent annoying the neighbors....

  7. InWalked

    I have a couple of Roland Cubes that work well for practice at low volume or through headphones also good for teaching in a studio where volume is an issue and you can still get a serviceable tone.

  8. Poparad

    Those Cubes are pretty cool. I have the bass one and I'm pretty happy with it.

  9. arewolfe

    I like to practice on acoustic (steel string). Most things tend to be just slightly more difficult on acoustic and I usually feel pretty refreshed when I go back to electric. If you have an acoustic and the walls are super thin you may be able to pull that off at night.

  10. denjz

    +1 for Roland cubes. I use a Microcube - one great little amp!

  11. david6strings

    to spend 2 hundred of bugs in a decent earphones can be a good choice

  12. If you are gonna be playing out or with people then getting comfortable with an amp and it's power and sensitivity is useful. Or if you are recording it's useful too.
    Every living situation is different. Luckily, me and my neighbor seem to have an understanding. Back in the day, my very good friend and upright player lived with me and he tested the waters and set the pace by practicing Bach ( with a bow ) till like 3 in the morning... And in exchange the neighbor's 12 year old son and friends would wrestle eachother ( which sounded like movers throwing furniture ) any time they wanted. I also have found that if I've been doing it all day , I become part of the fabric of the day and nobody says anything when it goes into the night.aside from this , there isn't any aspect of music , playing or practicing that can be done without an amp during your neighbor's sensitive hours ?
    I guess thus us why it's hard fir né to enter in conversations regarding gear ; despite what I have, had, loathe, or swear by, ( despite the first situations I stated ) I usually end up on the floor or couch with the guitar on my lap working out whatever it is. Generally I don't need much more than a guitar ( sheet music, music book, or blank paper and pencil ) to see my limits and try to push passed them.

  13. @sandemose:
    if it's the fenderjazzmaster ultralight it is wonderful and the effects are surprisingly good...( I've gone off about this amp in other threads ).

  14. I just got an AC30 mini amp this thing is really nice for practicing pretty much anywhere, I practice in the halls at my school and I don't get bothered by people around me because I can't hear them with my headphones. it's also good for late at night. I actually like the tone i get on mine at least for practicing(it doesn't bother me at all). I would look into it. you can also put your ipod into it and it you can play along with songs from there. pretty nifty!

  15. silverwater


    Thanks, that's exactly the kind of gadget I was looking for! That plus some rechargeable AAAs seems very affordable!!!

  16. jazzacast55

    Hi, I know this thread is old but I've been having this problem lately and wondering if anyone has advise for being able to play at a low level but not have it be heard by everyone next door, below and above me.
    I have a mini brute 4 and I'm thinking if I can get it off the ground, maybe rest it on something and get some of those big bits of foam to soak up the sound it might help, I think the problem is that it's resonating through the floor and walls.
    Just thought you guys may have some advise.


  17. No amp. Just play without it. Or else you are going to be so worried about your neighbors and picking, it's going to mess with stuff. We are lucky that we get to do this. Some drummers can't even use practice pad(s or sets) because that is too loud. I see horn players out in parks and you can tell they aren't performing or playing tunes for money; they are trying to practice . I would find it really tough to really get to work without feeling the urge to perform or worry about sucking in front of others.
    We are lucky.

  18. JorgeRubiales

    a zt lunchbox is what I use now. Sounds great, enough volume to gig, light weight, headphones/line out with volume control, external speaker out, and a switch to turn of its internal speaker.

    I've written a review in the gear post, If you wish read it ;)

  19. jorgemg1984

    You only want the amp to study with earphones? Get a roland cube, i have a Cube 20x that I bought to pratice with earphones (my other amps dont have it) and to take to my vacation house on the summer and it serves both purposes - its light, has a decent clean sound and reverb with and without ear phones.

    If you want more than a pratice amp go with something better - the ZT other Jorge mentioned seems a great amp if you want small size and lots of volume - but I dont know I would pay 350€ (amp + gig bag) for an amp that doesnt have EQ or reverb. The Tech 21 TM 30 is also a good option, I am going to try one tomorrow because I dont really think the Cube is usable on a gig (way too digital but some people like them) and I want to have a small combo that can be a pratice amp and usable on small gigs / reharsals.

    If you just want the earphone function get the cheapest Cube you can find, they work great for that purpose.

  20. jazzacast55

    just went and bought a micro cube, solved the problem, thanks for the help guys, just need some good headphones, any recomendations?

  21. david6strings

    the AKG MKII are enough for you? is what i'm using right now. these headphones give a natural sound to me

  22. jorgemg1984

    As anyone tried the line6 pod pocket for headphone playing? I am gonna sell my cube 20x, I am really tired of it - having a decent sound is much more important than portability. I was thinking about the pod pocket to have something easy to carry everywhere and to pratice with headphones (and have some fun also).

  23. JorgeRubiales

    Well, i it's just for headphones, I think the vox amplugs are well regarded on internet, take a look at them too

  24. david6strings

    i think guitar rig 4 is a lot of better in his version "mobile" but you have to get the guitar rig 4 software, well it is easy. it cost 91 euros online in europe but i think NI have stopped the production so you have to buy the stock units. too good for its cost. but i think those hardwares are rock style playing oriented. i have the podxt and i never use it. they proccess your signal and make it digital. what i recommend instead of that is a cheap preamp if you play with your PC and...say a couple of active monitors and headphones. but the rock sounds in guitar rig are really really good, check it out.

  25. docbop

    Nylon or steel string guitars are good switch for working on technique and typically quiet enough. For me if late its quiet enough I don't need an amp unless playing my solid body guitar. Contact with floor or near walls transmits sound/vibration so small amp off the floor in away from walls in more of middle of room you can help a lot.



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