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Applying George Van Eps to specific tunes...

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  1. jazzbum

    I've been working with the first Van Eps book for a while now and wonder if anyone has devised a methodical way to apply his knowledge to specific tunes creatively. Chord melody has always been a challenge for me, at least making it sound not too forced or cliche. This is something I think Van Eps and Kurt really have mastered, having an open harmonic palette to draw from at all times. Choosing chords rather than playing specific arrangements is the goal. Any thoughts on this?

    Side note: If you have not seen this video of Kurt playing Soul Eyes, his intro makes me weep. Check it:

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  2. That's a good question, I'd be curious to know more about it myself...gotta get that book. I think a lot of it is up to you in terms of how to use the information. Nobody can tell you how to be creative, you know? I think you just need to try stuff out and see what feels good to you, what kinds of things you want to keep and what you don't. I don't think everyone uses all the info in all of those books all the time. Also, even Van Eps and Kurt repeat themselves, even if it doesn't sound like it. So basically, I think books like that and "Chord Chemistry" leave the process of experimenting and trying things out to see what works up to the student, because that is how the student will develop a personal vocabulary with the information in these books.

    Just my perspective on it, hopefully it helps!


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