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Ari Hoenig New Album

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  1. Neither

  2. silverwater

    Thanks for the alert! The title track is freaking awesome, I'm buying this one ASAP.

  3. Quintricacy

    This album is seriously worth spending money on. Some really great playing and great writing for a small group! I just saw this band last night in Paris and it was killer. Gilad did some amazing things, especially on Moanin' where he turned it into this Bachesque two part invention.

  4. jazzacast55

    Anyone know where to purcahse this cd? All I can find is mp3 download versions, it really frustrates me when I've got to search around for a cd like this, why doesn't Ari have a link on his site or something?

  5. Redbeard

    Jazzacast, I asked the exact same question on Ari's Facebook page last week and still haven't gotten an answer. Frustrating indeed, but I'm holding out for a CD. I hate wasting money on compressed downloads -- it negates the whole point of owning audiophile equipment.


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