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  1. washabaugh

    I've been spending time with arpeggios lately and have been running all types of exercises. I decided to just play over some 2-5s and see where I'm at with it all....

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    I did however restrict myself to staying in Shape 2 (Jimmy Bruno system). Making melodies from the I,ii, V, vi arpeggios in that shape.

    I would love to hear some feedback from you guys as I know I have a long road ahead of me.


  2. JorgeRubiales

    Hey washabaugn! Welcome to arpeggio madness!! lol

    It seems you know the shapes, but can't (or want to) connect them to make longer lines. A lot of pro's have told me the same thing: restrict your playing. Force yourself to play on half notes first, but play EVERY half note. That way you're forced to "see" the shape in a certain amount of time. Also, it's important to start playing the closest tone available. For example, say you're playing an F from Dm7 and the next chord is G7. You would repeat playing an F on the next whole note, or play the root (G). A B or a D are not choices within this exercise because we're trying to connect both patterns.

    If you can play non-stop and without non-arpeggio notes for a while in half notes, then do the same on quarter notes. Then eighths. You get the idea.

    I myself am practicing this way, and it really shows my many weak spots when it comes to arpeggios, so I guess is a nice exercise.


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