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Art vs Science

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  1. LeonardoB

    Hi there,

    I'm having a hard time trying to figure out why art should be as worthy and useful as science. I mean, I'm wondering these days if the contribution of an artist to the human race can ever be compared to that of a scientist, working hard for palpable results and goals who really enrich the human life.
    I'm not trying to say that I doubt art's inner value, but if you were to choose and you were moved by the urge to improve the world you live in, how could you persuade yourself that your work as an artist will be as useful, noble and appreciated as the scientist's one?
    If you were able to do both, wouldn't it be sort of "idle" to pursue art rather than science and its contribution to human technology and thought? Wouldn't you feel a tad "guilty" ?

    I'm not trying to make a point here, I just want to hear other musicians' opinions about this issue that is tormenting me these days.


  2. My opinion is that art and science are really 2 sides of the same coin. An artist who doesn't know the science behind what he is doing is going to make art that lacks in depth and the scientist who is lacking in art(beauty , truth---whatever you want to call it) would be lacking in humanity. You can see that both has happened in history I'm guessing.

    Also-Great Art lifts people up---even if it is just the person doing it who gets fulfilled. We need more happy people on the planet---not people doing something because they think they should.

    One last thing, I played a rock gig last week at a beach bar here in Florida. I had a guy (drunk and old) who went on and on about how special the band was. At first I ignored him a bit but as he talked on, something he said struck me. He basically said that we were helping him and others to have a good time, to forget all of their problems for at least a little while and just dance and sing. That seems pretty noble to me---not worrying about did I play enough triad pairs or use metric modulation or some really mundane goal but to make somebody feel happiness---even just for a little while.

    Of course with Science you could save a life ---very important. But what good is life without Joy---which the Arts are great at .

    Just some thoughts.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. I think perhaps more than anyone else in history Leonardo de Vinci proved there is a relationship between the two.There is a science and an art to everything in life.Science simply means knowledge and how you express that knowledge varies.It can be through a microscope or a paintbrush.Both are necessary and indispensable.Just look at the ancient Greeks and the emphasis they placed on both(Aristotle is a good place to start ; )

  4. fakejake

    I'm actually a full-time scientist, spare-time (amateur) musician. I'm really glad that it is this way around and not the other, mainly because science ROCKS but also because I have a steady income. I see a parallel on the individual level, for me learning and exploring the instrument and my musical self is a lot like exploring a new field in science. Lots of experimenting, trial and error, an evolution of concepts and ideas.
    On the collective value, these are hard to compare because art is always much more linked to the individual performing it, whereas science is really mainly linked to our world.
    What I'm trying to say is, nobody else could have done the works of Kafka, Monet, Debussy, Kurt, etc... if they wouldn't have gotten into art their style and work would have never existed. If Copernicus, Einstein or Watson and Crick wouldn't have made their scientific discoveries, somebody else certainly would have. Thats because science is about discovery, while art is about creation.

  5. gleepglop

    Science can be useful, but it is not always beneficial (for example, development of chemical weapons). The general goal of science is to better understand the world we live in, not to make people's lives better. That is an application of science--the two are linked but not the same thing.

    Art also explores the world, but in a different way. It aims to discover the relationship of our consciousness to the world (including other humans), in a subjective way. Its subjectivity is not a flaw, but its greatest asset--our humanity is deeply subjective, and that is what artists are trying deal with.

    Another way of putting it might be that science might extend people's lives, but art is one of the reasons it might be worthwhile to do so.

    Of course, for philistines who live lives devoid of imagination and self-awareness it may not be very important, just as it is obviously not important to animals. The importance of art in situations where people's life situations are rather dire (war, totalitarian governments, oppression, slavery) gives us some idea how important it is to life and our humanity.

  6. Din

    Music (our art) is a very powerful tool. It can kill people if it's used wrong, or it can fill they souls and even change them for good.
    You can't live without art or without science, you need both into your life.
    The world needs musicians as much as it needs every other job, in our case we are musicians, and that's fine. As long as you make the best music you can, and you actually do something that has worth, without doing it because you want to win a ton of money, it's more than ok, it's actually needed.
    Everytime someone really great in music passes out, in a way I think that the rest of us that are still alive, have a bigger responsability now. It is actually true in a way. You are a musician? you are responsible of what music you do. You better listen to your music, and even if you enjoy it, search for what could have been better so you could touch people's senses more.
    My two cents.

    Great thread by the way.

  7. Joel

    Art and science are both part of being human.

  8. TheDestroyer


  9. Joel

  10. Matt

    i dont see why science and art are separate. it's like the whole reason vs. emotion argument; they dont exist exclusively but rather inclusively with the other. neither is more important than the other and neither is a process totally unique to itself.


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